The Beaver Local Leo Club sponsored a ‘Fun With Leos’ evening for second graders. Second graders participated in fun filled activities that included scooter races, construction of structures, playing card games, and speed drills under a parachute. Additional ‘Fun With Leos’ events will be planned. Proceeds from the event will be used to help purchase the book “Bernie the One-Eyed Puppy” for every second grader at Beaver Local Elementary. Pictured (front from left) McKenzie Williams, Melanie Brewer, Ali Albott, Jordan Palmer, Jacob Reed, Josh Glenz; (second) Rosemary Bruehler, Davilyn Anderson, Alyssa Glenz, Jon Diddle, Ashli Hall, Mark Kline, Jonathan Murner, Jerry Barnes, Carolyn Robb; (third) Jackie Chen, Matt Diddle. (Submitted photo)


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