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Tops 1957

WELLSVILLE — TOPS 1957 of Wellsville met on Nov. 19, at the Living Well Church, with leader Connie Hissam opening the meeting with pledges, roll call and then Mary Schmidt led the group in prayer.

TOPS best loser was Connie Anderson and Donna Lee wore the officers ribbon. The dimes were carried over and Sally Workman won the pumpkin pie plate that was donated by Barb M. Hissam was the inchworm for October.

The no-no this week is don’t eat anything white.

Hissam’s birthday was celebrated with a card shower.

Next week the Christmas party will be discussed.

Mary Jarvis added new items to her contest; bring in two cans of fruit and send a card to Dee Davis to get extra points in the contest.

Sharon Wilson gave the program titled “17 Best Ways to Maintain a Weight Loss.

Hissam closed the meeting wishing all a good week.

Tops 2231

EAST LIVERPOOL — TOPS 2231 met at Always Best Care 1324 St. Clair Ave. on Nov. 26 with leader Tonnie Slagle presiding. The meeting opened up with the pledges and roll call.

Pam Fouse read the secretary report and Cassie Stephens read the treasurer report. Both were approved as read.

Slagle was the KOPS Best loser and officer best loser.

Three weeks in leeway was Stephens and Slagle.

The no-no’s are cookies, ice cream and no eating after dinner.

Slagle won the calorie charts and the dimes and Fouse won the 50/50.

Stephens had an article on “What Causes Inflammation”.

The meeting closed with prayer requests followed by the Lord’s Prayer. New and former members are always welcome on Tuesdays at 5 p.m.


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