ELHSAA seeks new President

EAST LIVERPOOL — The East Liverpool High School Alumni Association (ELHSAA) Board of Trustees is searching for alumni who would like to become President. During September’s Board Meeting, Thomas Snow resigned after many years of service to the ELHSAA.

The President leads all meetings of the Board of Trustees and officers, executes programs and policies of the Association. and appoints members to committees.

Any ELHS Alumnus interested in becoming President is asked to submit a letter detailing their vision for the future of the Association plus details on their qualifications to lead the Potters. Letter should be sent to: ELHSAA, Attn: Presidential Selection Committee, 216 E 4th St, East Liverpool, OH 43920.

Per Brian Shockey, Brenda Damaso, and Cindy Hilliard, ELHSAA Board of Trustees Members.