Career Day

At Garfield Elementary, the 3rd grade hosted their annual Career Day! Gracious Wellsville alumni agreed to take the time out of their day to help bring awareness to students of the possibilities out there for them. They had a mixture of professions represented this year, not only college related, but trade and skill as well. Some professions represented were in the areas of: finance, banking, welding, and natural gas. Presenters were placed in stations where they addressed a small group of students. They spoke with each group about information on their chosen profession/field of work: the requirements/preparations needed, helpful personality traits, and any relevant information or advice they feel is necessary for someone to pursue such a career, or related position. After each presentation, students rotated to another station to listen to the next presenter. Students loved listening to each presenter, and some have already chosen a new future career path. Garfield Elementary would like to express their gratitude to all the volunteers who were able to make this year’s career day a success. (Submitted photos)