WHS hallway decals promote ‘positivity’

Olivia Griffith (right), visual arts teacher at Wellsville High School, is pictured with her father, Frank Lanterman, in the hallways of the school, where they measured and affixed decals to the walls to promote “positivity,” such as the late John Wooden. (Submitted photos)

WELLSVILLE — At the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, Wellsville Jr./Sr. High School’s visual art teacher Olivia Griffith decided the walls in the school needed some attention. She wanted to brighten up the school with a fresh coat of paint, Tiger paw prints, and positive sayings throughout the halls.

After receiving the approval of high school principal Linda Rolley, Griffith went to work. She rounded up her Art Club members who stayed after school to help paint the hallways.

“The Art Club members were excited because they knew they were doing community service to help improve the school,” it was noted. “When students would come into school the following day after painting, there was an excitement throughout the building because change was happening.”

Griffith asked school faculty to think of positive quotes that they would like to see displayed throughout the hallways. The quotes ranged from sources such as J.K. Rowling to Walt Disney — each one has an uplifting message.

During the summer, Griffith worked many hours creating vinyl decals of paw prints and quotes in various colors, as she wanted students to be excited when they came back to school.

With the help of her father, Frank Lanterman, Griffith took two days measuring and transferring the decals to the walls.

“With the addition of the paw prints and quotes, it has definitely made the hallways more bright and cheerful,” school personnel said.

Griffith said her “vision for this project was to bring positivity” to those who entered the school building.

“These quotes give students a sense of encouragement as they walk through the hallways every day,” she said. “I figure if these sayings help brighten someone’s day, then they are doing their job.”