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Hancock County Museum Commission

NEW CUMBERLAND — The regular meeting of the Hancock County Museum Commission, Inc. was called to order at 6 p.m. June 8, at the museum by President Vivian Weigel who also led in the pledge to the flag.

Those attending were: Weigel, John Brenneman, Joe Ghenne, Greg Blake, Bob McNeil, Lois Carpini, Janet Keller, Susan Welch, Alice Mitchell, and Doris Cameron.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as mailed.

Treasurer, McNeil presented the financial statement. Report placed on file for audit.

Old Business: Business letter fundraiser was discussed and with some minor tweaking, will be ready this month.

Plans were made to replace the screens in the doors and paint same. Approval was granted for McNeil to have bricks from chimney, leaving a few for replacement, with an appropriate donation.

Museum By-Laws were discussed again and tabled until next month.

Blake discussed plans for the Car Show and Bake Sale to be held Sunday, June 10.

New Business: Ghenne moved we participate in the Hancock County Old Time Fair to be held Sept. 14-16 at Tomlinson Run Park. Brenneman seconded and motion carried.

Mitchell reported the need for some detailed cleaning of the museum and asked permission to hire help to do so periodically on an as needed basis. Keller moved we approve this arrangement; Brenneman seconded and motion carried.

The next meeting will be held July 5, 2018 at the museum. All interested citizens are welcome.

The business being completed the meeting was adjourned.