WHS Class of 1967 celebrates 50th reunion

Pictured row 1 (seated) - Linda DeLauder Cochran, Joann Caruso Meadows, Mary Daniels, Cathy Crea Brown, Kay Powell Gowen; row 2: Maureen Broderick Pelley, Wanda Boggs Puryear, Trudy Johnston Wright, Debbie Burcham Mercer, Tonda Call Bratt, Tony D’Angelo, Beth Todd Young, Ellen Rogers Mick, Rich Stevens; row 3: Margaret Gunther Gill, Angela Caruso Reese, Coach William Riley, Jack Young, Nancy Roberts Taft, Tom Meadows; row 4: Jim Wellington, Jeanne Kornbau Waggoner, Debbie Williams Meyer, Kay Thompson Wolfe, Candy Lawton Reichle, Roxie Wright Goodlett, Arlene Pelley Cook, Kent Bell, Vito Weeda; row 5: Bob Morehead, Gary Bowling, Lin Thrasher Reed, Jim Hunter, Ernie Gibson, Debbie Bemis Stubberfield, Tim O’Hara, David Bush, Jim Mercer; row 6: Don Reed, Rich Hall, Paul Mato, Aaron Roach, Wilbur Waggoner. (Photo courtesy Bentley Photography 330-413-9871)

Two lasting gifts a high school can give its students . . . wings to become all the graduates can be and roots to remind them where home is. The Wellsville High School Class of ’67 certainly came home for their 50th year reunion.

The event was held on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017 at the Alumni Center, which was decorated under the expert guidance of Debbie Burcham Mercer. Memorable photos were framed and displayed on tables and gold glitter and sparkle was everywhere fitting for a 50-year celebration. Sweet treats were featured on an orange and black themed candy table.

Many traveled from out-of-state including North and South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, Tennessee, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Gary Bowling traveled the farthest, 2,500 miles round trip from Arlington, Texas. Coach William Riley and his daughter Kelly traveled from Pittsburgh to attend.

Prior to a buffet dinner, Wanda Boggs Puryear gave the blessing and read the roll call of deceased classmates. Debbie Burcham Mercer proudly saluted military veterans including her husband Jim Mercer, Darrell Wallace, Rich Hall, Jim Hunter, Jim Wellington, Mitch Porter, Ernie Gibson, Paul Mato, Bob Miller, Gary Bowling, David Bush, Aaron Roach and honored guest Coach Riley.

Jack Young gave a tribute to Coach Riley including highlights of his role as an innovative teacher of American Problems and World History, a coach and a trusted friend. Coach Riley shared memories of his years in Wellsville with fondness and humor. Tony D’Angelo presented him with a Barnes and Noble gift card and a book about the “Battle of the Bulge”, written by D’Angelo’s father.

Beth Todd Young led a spirited trivia competition with questions from hairdos to dance crazes to a sexist school dress code. The lip sync program was fun and entertaining with performances by Aaron Roach, Linda DeLauder Cochran, Jeanne and Wilbur Waggoner, Jim Wellington and Kathy Close.

Debbie Williams Meyer handled all the reunion correspondence. Tom Meadows coordinated the microphones, laptops and projector. Jim Hunter did a great job ensuring that everyone enjoyed the great songs of the 60s and 70s. As attendees left the Alumni Center, there was general agreement that this was the best reunion ever.


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