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Area Seniors

EAST LIVERPOOL — The East Liverpool Area Seniors met Sept. 28 with 16 members in attendance. Jean Tomlison opened the meeting by reading from the Bible. Then the Lord’s Prayer, pledge to the American flag and singing two verses of “America” by the group.

Secretary Diane Carnegie called roll call of officers and read minutes from the Sept. 21 meeting. They were approved as read.

Treasurer Gail Grimm read the treasurer’s report. There were two bills to be paid. One to St. Stephen’s and one to Earl Brown for setting up chairs. We received a thank you from the FISH Organization for the check they received from the club.

The 50/50 was won by Lois Burris. The next meeting will be Oct. 5. The meeting to adjourn was made by Jana Lawrence and Alice Eckstein.

The meeting was closed by Tomlison, saying the evening prayer and members singing the closing prayer.

All area seniors are welcomed to attend at 1 p.m. on Thursdays at St. Stephen’s.

Tomlison told everyone to have a great week and then bingo was called.