Property Transfers:

Columbiana County

Center Township

John Glenn Jr. to JALA Enterprises, commercial garage on state Route 45; $178,000.


RTW Property Group to CDQE LLC, property on state Route 14 for new Dairy Queen; $75,000.

Jeff Bleggi to Kristi and Shawn Ebben, home on Homestead Drive; $332,500.

Matthew and Patricia Humlie to Renee Rodeheaver, home on Park Place; $120,000.

East Liverpool

Donna Cermak to Gary and Casey Barker, home on Davis Street; $17,170.

Charles Richard Spahr to Janet Watkins, home on Odgen Street; $12,000.

Fairfield Township

Lloyd and Lorene Martin to Northeast Monarch Properties, commercial warehouse on Beeson Mill Road; $79,650.


Dorene Reynolds to Paul and Jack McIntosh, home on state Route 9: $12,000.

Knox Township

Harold Austin, et al, to Sarah Fountain, home on Center Road; $140,000.

Ace & G Properties to Timothy and Mary Winiarski, home at 22391 Margaret Lane; $150,000.


Don Barnes to Jonathan and Melissa Bloor, home on East Lincoln Way; $23,000.

Honradez to Investment Group to Kingdom First Properties, home on Washington Street; $7,000.

Deborah Blackhurst to JN Leasing, home on North Beaver Street; $23,000.

Liverpool Township

Melanie Barnes, et al, to Ronald and Debra Smallwood, home on Terrace Park; $124,000.

Marshall Rentals II to Michael and Brittney Marino, home on Dairy Lane; $134,500.

Michael Starr to Charles Lennens, et al, home and 3.4 acres on Annesley Road; $124,500.

Madison Township

Jason Wood to Earl and Heidi Allison, manufactured home and 5 acres on Black Road; $18,000.

William Alexander, et al, to Catherine Talbot, 2 acres on Birch Road; $17,500.

Brett Wilson to Larry and Sheryl Cunningham, home and 1.9 acres on Glasgow Road; $155,000.

Middleton Township

Trustees of Clarkson Presbyterian Church to Lipp Farm LLC, 2.2 acres on Sprucevale Road; $10,000.

Dianne Scott to Robert Kelly, partial interest in home on Brown Street; $26,400.

Perry Township

Thomas and Ronda Goetz to Matthew Galpin, home on Jones Drive; $99,000.


Marsha Kisner to Mary and Creston Kennedy, home on Monroe Street; $80,000.

Trevor and Addie Mathey to Jeffrey Hinson and Hanna Keraenen, home on Southeast Boulevard; $82,000.

Steven and Angela Bailey to Andrew Zamarelli, home on East Eighth Street; $70,000.

Daniel and Danielle Fennema to Richard and Dianna Barley, home on North Union Avenue; $129,500.

Salem Township

Mark and Maria Frenger to Daniel and Lynne Guappone, home and 1.9 acres on Leetonia Road; $10,000.

St. Clair Township

21st Mortage Corp. to Janet Grimm, home on Duke Road; $38,500.

Mark and Diana Mays to Makayla and Zackery Mays, home and property on Echo Dell Road; $160,000.

Diloreto Development to Jack and Elizabeth McIlvain, 1.5 acres on Civitella Drive; $45,000.

Robert Easterday to Dawn Buffington, home on McCoy Avenue; $10,000.

Kathy Miller Trust to Betsy and Joseph Wells III, home on Eagle Drive; $197,500.

Unity Township

Michael Zelenak to Crist and Anna Yoder, home and 3.1 acres on state Route 14; $62,500.

Matt and Nicole Gugliotti to Richard and Michelle Paxson, property on Chain School Road; $3,400.

Kenneth and Diana Doty to Charles Foster, home and 5 acres on Adams Road; $201,000.


Jerry Cornell to Johnny and Lori Elkins, home on Broadway; $14,000.

Kelly Crews to Vincent DeBlasis, home on Broadway: $25,000.

County Sheriff (Robert and Dawn Swogger) to Huntington National Bank, home on Center Street; $12,000.