Riverview Cemetery Association holds annual meeting

EAST LIVERPOOL — The members and directors of the 134-year-old Riverview Cemetery Association, 2026 St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool, voted for continuity of leadership at their annual meeting, held Tuesday, May 30, 2017, at the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Chapel (erected 1897).

Helen M. Stenger was re-appointed as superintendent, first having served in May 1986.

Marc D. Hoffrichter of Forsyth Place a member since 1979 and a director since 1988, was re-elected president. Judith E. Dunlap of Manor Lane a member since 1994 and a director since 2001, was re-elected vice president.

Jackman S. Vodrey of Fredericktown Road was re-elected secretary-treasurer, marking his 39th year of service as secretary-treasurer, an office he has held since 1979, when he succeeded his father, William H. Vodrey III, to the post.

Vodrey’s grandfather, William H. Vodrey Jr., and great-grandfather, Joseph McKee Kelly, also preceded Vodrey as secretary-treasurer, with four generations of the Kelly-Vodrey family having served the association as secretary, continuously, since 1890 (128 years).

Sarah Webster Vodrey was re-elected Assistant Secretary for the 4th year.

Michael S. DiLoreto of Maple Drive and Christine M. Bell of Pineview Drive were re-elected to serve on the Executive Committee along with the above four officers, plus the superintendent.

A total of 48 members were present in person, with another seven voting by proxy. There were two regular members who failed to vote either in person or by proxy.

The directors signed a special resolution after last year’s meeting giving recognition and appreciation to Sidney C. Porter Jr. of Broadview Circle for his many years of faithful service to the Association. Sid resigned as a member and director of the Association last year after 52 years of service, 13 of which he served as President (1997-2009).

Re-elected as directors, for three-year terms expiring in 2020, were J. David Buzzard, Judith E. Dunlap, Marilyn A. Parkes, and Robert J. Walker. Also, elected as a new director, was Arthur T. Doak, whose term also expires in May 2020.

Other directors currently serving are Timothy R. Brookes, Michael S. DiLoreto, S. Tait Hilbert, Charles B. Lang and William L. Miller, with terms expiring in May 2018; and J. David Conley, Frank C. Dawson, Marc D. Hoffrichter, D. Terrence O’Hara, and Jackman S. Vodrey, with terms expiring in May 2019.

Riverview Cemetery is proud to announce the installation of 18 columbaria niches located inside the Chapel for families who wish to maintain their loved ones’ memories with a respectful placement of cremains in a chapel worship setting.

A total of 21 grave spaces were sold in 2016, and there were 75 interments, bringing the number of burials to 17,746 since the 1883 organization of the cemetery.

The general endowment gifts received over the past 133 years, as of Dec. 31, 2016, total $159,298, with specific endowments of $138,300. Both are stated at cost, with the fair market value of investment funds held in the combined capital account, to be used for perpetual care, standing at $1,172,952 as of Dec. 31, 2016.