Columbiana County Property Transfers

Center Township

James and Anita Santa-Maria to Ben and Deborah Prather, manufactured home and property on Hilltop Road; $25,000.

Ben and Deborah Prather to Albert Robinson, home on Hilltop Road; $15,000.


Shawn Anderson to Clarissa Goehring, home on Fairfield Avenue; $79,000.

Vicki Washinko to Andrew and Christine Horvat, trustees, home on Terra Verde Avenue; $255,000.

East Liverpool

Family Lease LLC to Capener LLC, home at 317 Thompson Ave.; $41,309.

Dennis Dreier to Angela Benner, home on Ohio Avenue; $31,800.

Crystal Arnold to Matt and Karlye McDole, home on Ohio Avenue; $39,900.

Mary White to Erin Ford, home on Sunnyside Avenue; $68,000.

East Palestine

Urban Financial REO to Shirley Glavan, home at 539 North Ave.; $42,522.

Fairfield Township

Aivars and Edward Dukats to Tim and Kathy Truitt, home and 2.3 acres on Heck Road; $159,000.

Hanover Township

Martha Faloon estate to Mike Howard, home on state Route 9; $115,000.

Knox Township

Daniel and Mary Chis to Laura and Jack Coldsnow, home and 24 acres on Homeworth Road; $216,000.

Liverpool Township

Annabelle Keys trust to Joseph and Deborah White, home on Allen Avenue; $129,500.

Randall and Rebecca Phillips to Alaina and Jeff Cornfield, home on Curry Avenue; $139,000.

Stephen and Kathy Beadnell to David and Margaret Myers, home on Queens Way; $205,000.

Jean Diddle to Charles and Martha Hartzell, home on Curry Street; $180,000.

Madison Township

Charles Mick to Scott and Mary Reynolds, manufactured home and 2.8 acres on Y&O Road; $37,500.

Perry Township

Richard and Patricia Ward to Marshalline McBlain, condominium on Pembrooke Drive; $69,000.

Ada Zimmerman to Chad and Rhonda Hilliard, home on Lake Avenue; $45,000.

Cheryl Emelo, et al, to Robin Wiggers, home and 1.4 acres Benton Road; $66,677.


Alexandria Pino-Hernandez to DSG Rentals, home on East School Street; $20,500.

Deutsche Bank to Mike and Renee Weikart, home at 294 Brooklyn Ave.; $60,000.

J. Lance Rivers to Karli Utt, home on Morris Avenue; $78,400.

Dorothy Dutko, et al, to Herbert White Jr., home on Lundy Avenue; gift.

Ronald Plummer, trustee, to Kevin May, home on South Lincoln Avenue; $75,000.

Salem Township

Robert and Betty Belding to Christopher and Lynette Earl, 3.5 acres on Carrie Lane; $33,000.

Alan and Kathleen Masters to Cherri and Donald Piszczek, 4 acres on Perry Grange Road; $31,000.

St. Clair Township

Calvin and Lynelle Giusto to Thomas and Sharon Stepien, home on Duke Road; $162,500.

William and Sherry Eardley to James and Mary Huntsman, home on McCoy Avenue; $135,000.

Craig and Cynthia Dietz, trustees, to Doyle Properties of Calcutta, dental office on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road; $328,000.

Martin and Constance Yeany to Crystal Arnold, manufactured home and property on Coolidge Street; $25,000.

Unity Township

Kathleen Gurriero to Matt and Nicole Gugliotti, property on Chain School Road; $400.