Salineville Police Reports

Police were advised of some type of road incident near the Tangerine Lounge at 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, and just then a damaged vehicle pulled in front of the police cruiser. Police spoke with unidentified occupants and told them to go in opposite directions to avoid any further problems. They also denied the severe front-end damage to their vehicle which made it nearly undriveable had occurred that day.

Police stopped a suspicious vehicle driving around neighborhoods on West Main and Water streets at 9:35 a..m. Tuesday, and it turned out the driver, Noah Martin, was wanted by Boardman police for theft. Police learned that Martin had come to Salineville to purchase prescription pills but was unable to contact the drug dealer. Martin did not identify the drug dealer but a known dealer was seen in the area of the traffic stop.

After making a traffic stop for failing to have a front license plate, police learned there were two arrest warrants out of the county sheriff’s office for passenger Daniel Capalingo, who was taken into custody. The driver, Clark Best, was given a warning.

Isaac Lemasters was taken into custody on Aug. 4 for failure to appear in court on a traffic charge in Jefferson County. As Lemasters was being taken to the police department, he began complaining that his heart was fluttering, so an ambulance was summoned to transport him to a local hospital.

An unidentified Lincoln Street resident reported Tuesday his push mower and weedwacker were stolen from his property. The man did not want to press charges but intended to conduct his own investigation, starting with viewing his neighbor’s deer camera.