East Liverpool Police Reports

An off-duty officer noticed a white truck with plow, identified as Sherman Pritt’s vehicle, and reported Pritt maybe in the passenger seat on Aug 15. Officers stopped the vehicle on Smithfield Street, but did not find Pritt. Pritt has been at large since walking away from the hospital where he was taken prior to being booked at the county jail two weeks ago.

Officers responded to the 900 block of George street on Aug. 13, for a report of theft. The woman making the report was unsure of the amount of money or items taken from her purse, but said she knew the thief, who had ran out the back door of the residency before police arrived.

On Aug. 13 officers took a report of mail theft on the 600 block of Fifth Street. The woman making the report told officers she saw someone taking mail out of her neighbor’s mailbox and that there was a check in the mail that was open but not taken. Officers responded to a report will be made and extra checks will be written for the area.

Officers transported Kara Carter to the county jail after reporting to Ohio Avenue to investigate a disturbance on Aug. 13. Carter was found outside the residency with her right hand bleeding. Witness of the disturbance reported she had broken the kitchen table and punched a glass cabinet door, cutting her hand. It was also reported that Carter had threatened to assault one of the witnesses. Two of the three witnesses gave written statements.

Officers responded to the 600 block of Riley Avenue on Aug. 13 for a report of juveniles attempting to break windows on a condemned house. Officers spoke to juveniles on bikes who reported there were kids hitting peaches with a baseball bat. Officers spoke to the juveniles, who responded they were just hitting peaches. Officers checked the property for damage, and advised the juveniles that if any new damage is spotted on the house, they will be charged as will their mother.

Officers dispatched to the Woodland Hill area on Aug. 14, for a man who reported being assaulted. Officers meet with the man at Giant Eagle, and he showed signs of being assaulted. He said he was hanging out with a resident at an apartment when someone knocked on the door and made him step out of the apartment before assaulting him. Officers went to the apartment to confirm the story, but the resident said she had not seen him in a week and did not know the person he claimed to be hanging out with.

Brain Miller Jr. and Lois Minnis were taken into custody on Aug. 14 for active warrants. Officers saw Miller and Minnis walking on Dresden Avenue. Dispatch confirmed the officers suspicion that the two had warrants. They were issued a summons with a court date of Aug. 21, before being released from the station.

Officers responded to the 300 block of Jackman Street for a fireworks complaint on Aug. 14. Officers spoke with the homeowner, who agreed to not set anymore fireworks off.

Hoda Yassin was given a citation for a red light violation on Aug. 14. An officer watched Yassin drive through a red light in the right lane, before coming to a stop in the left lane at a second light near Webber Way.

While patrolling Lincoln Avenue on Aug. 14, officers noticed a vehicle parked against traffic flow. Officers ran the plate, finding the vehicle belonged to a resident on Lincoln Avenue, who they advised to move the vehicle.

Officers responded to a report of shots fired on Aug. 14 in the 300 block of west 9th street. Officers spoke to people sitting on the front porch who said they hadn’t heard anything.

Officers responded to the Diamond on West 6th Street for a report of a woman in a bathing suit trying to get into the fountain on Aug. 14. They searched the area and did not find her.

Officers responded to an accident on private property on East 2nd Street on Aug. 15. It was reported one car backed into another.

Officers responded to Parkway Avenue for a report of an unconscious driver on Aug. 15. On arrival officers found the man conscious. He stated he had run out of gas and was waiting for help.

Officers responded to Orchard Grove Avenue on Aug. 15 for a report of a vehicle hitting a residents truck while parked outside his home. The resident stated he did not want to file a report, but wanted to let officers know someone was driving recklessly in his neighborhood.

Officers responded to West 4th Street for a noise complaint on Aug 15. Officers advised the residents to keep the noise down for the night.

Officers issued a parking ticket on Aug. 15 for a vehicle parked in the roadway on Riley Avenue. Officers tried but were unable to contact the owner before issuing the ticket.

Officers responded to a neighborhood dispute on Crawford Avenue on Aug, 15. Officers spoke to the neighbors, and both parties agreed to stay away from each other.

Zach Copeland was arrested and taken to the county jail on Aug. 15 for an active warrant. Officers saw a vehicle stopped in the middle of Elmwood Street, once noticing the cruiser the vehicle started to drive. Officers identified the driver and discovered Copeland, a passenger, had a warrant.

Chris Dorsey was cited for driving under suspension on Aug 15. An officer, who knew Dorsey’s license was suspended, watched Dorsey driving on Globe Street. Dorsey was stopped and said he did not have a license. Officers searched the vehicle and found a rock like substance on the back seat floor board, which was collected and sent for testing. The vehicle was legally parked on Globe Street.

Officers arrived to St. Clair Avenue on Aug. 15, for a report of a juvenile throwing rocks at her vehicle. The caller reported the neighbor’s son was the one throwing the rocks. The caller’s son reported he invited the neighbor over to hangout, but the two had started to argue and the neighbor left. Officers advised the juveniles to stay away from each other.

Officers checked on a car parked in O’Reilly’s parking lot after hours on Aug. 15. The driver said the vehicle had broken down and he was waiting for a ride to pick him up.