East Liverpool Municipal Court

In East Liverpool Municipal Court, Zachary Copeland, Ohio Avenue, was fined $705 and given 180 days in jail, 170 days suspended, for OVI and left of center.

Robert Adkins, Price Street, was fined $600 and given 180 days, 160 suspended, for OVI and no license.

Timothy Parker, Glenn Street, was fined $875 and given 180 days, 177 suspended, for OVI and failure to control.

Robert Douglas, Ohio Avenue, was given 30 days in jail for disorderly conduct and two probation violations.

Patrick Murphy, Clark Avenue, Wellsville, was given 20 days in jail for disorderly.

Nathan Stewart was fined $500 and given 210 days, all suspended, for inducing panic and disorderly conduct.

Natasha Nally, Wheeling, W.Va.,was given 30 days for receiving stolen property charge.

Pretrials were set for Jarrett Shields, West Fourth Street, charged with assault, Aug. 29; and Thomas Bloor, Vale Street, charged with assault, Sept. 26.

Status hearings were scheduled Oct., 3 and jury trials Oct. 10 for Davon Whitson, Pennsylvania Avenue, charged with assault, and Cody Wilt, Aten Avenue, Wellsville, charged with no license, criminal trespass and loud exhaust.


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