Wellsville Police Reports

A Wellsville resident came to the police station on July 11, to report a 20 inch childrens bike stolen from the back yard between July 10 and 11. The bike brand is unknown, it is mostly black with pink handlebars and rims.

A Wellsville resident came to the police station on July 11, to report his stereo valued at $1,500 and a cordless drill including light and charger missing.

Shawn Macgregor was charged with criminal trespassing on July 11. A resident of the Shoub Tower Apartments reported Macgregor, who is on the CMHA Trespassing List was in an apartment. Officers did not find him in the first reported apartment but found him hiding in the closet of a second. He was taken to the Wellsville Police Department.

A Wellsville resident reported that his 2018 Kia Optima had been sideswipped on July 10. Officers noticed rub damage and paint transfer on the bumper and front quarter panel of the drivers side. The owner reported possible functional damage to the front strut or wheel.

Megan Wilson was detained and cited for open container on July 6. While on patrol officers found Wilson swinging a knife at tree branches on the sidewalk, with an open container of alcohol. She had received a warning earlier that evening for having an open container of alcohol in public. She was released to friends.

Jacob Nation was charged with drug abuse and drug paraphernalia on July 9. Nation was clocked driving 73 miles per hour in a silver Impala in the 55 mile per hour zone near the Aten Ave. exit on Route 7 North. The officer initiated a traffic stop and noticed incense burning in the vehicle. Nation consented to a search, the officer found marijuana in the vehicle, and a scale and a clear bag with five pills inside on his person. He was cited for his speed. Nation will be in Wellsville Magistrate court on July 25.

Jill Nusser was cited for physical control and her vehicle was towed to the T&T Impound lot on July 6. On patrol officers watched Nusser run the stop sign before the intersection of 5th Street and Main Street, swerving between lanes, driving down the center of Main Street, and make an abrupt right hand turn onto 9th Street without using a turn signal. Officers initiated a traffic stop and noted Nusser slurring her speech and the smell of alcohol. She consented to perform standardize field sobriety tests, failing the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, the walk and turn test and the one-legged stand test.

Jessica Morris was charged with drug paraphernalia on July 10. While on patrol officers witnessed a Ford Escape leave a known drug house and improperly back into the roadway almost causing an accident. Officers caught up to the vehicle at 3rd and Riverside and initiated a traffic stop. The driver gave consent to search the vehicle and they found a char boy in Morris’ purse, who also gave them a pipe, both of which she admitted to using to smoke crack. The driver was released and Morris was taken into custody.


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