East Liverpool Police Reports

Jacob Michael Greathouse was arrested at 11:18 p.m. Monday in the 300 block of Market Street on a charge of marijuana possession by officers investigating a rash of shots fired complaints. According to police, dispatch was given a description of a black, loud vehicle being involved and also received complaints from McKinnon Avenue and Cadmus Street. While passing Scotty’s Bar, an officer observed a vehicle resembling the similar description traveling in the area of St. Clair, Lincoln and Smith and initiated a traffic stop. The officer notes in his report that as he approached the vehicle to ask the driver for his information, he “was met by the driver and his passenger both blowing marijuana smoke in the direction of this officer’s face.” After removing both parties from the vehicle and searching for weapons and checking for warrants, Greathouse, who was the passenger, was cited. It notes no citations for the driver.