Wellsville Police Reports

Warrants for burglary and domestic violence were issued to James Walsh on May 23. Walsh was dropping his children off at their mother’s home on Sixth Street and began an argument with her, requesting to go inside which was denied. Walsh forced himself inside, refusing to leave until the police were called which at that time he fled. A neighbor verified the incident.

On May 28, a witness called in a girl being thrown into a vehicle against her will, with two men in the vehicle. Offers stopped the vehicle on state Route 7. Inside were Justin Barrett and Jeffrey Bryan. They said Miah Crawford was Barrett’s girlfriend and had gotten into the vehicle willingly. Officers noticed Barrett trying to hide a meth pipe and found him in possesion of a bag containing three phones, a bag of suspected meth, several unused baggies and a pill bottle with 40 painkillers inside. The suspected meth and pain killers were sent for testing. Both men had warrants and were taken to jail. Bryan was charged with inducing panic and driving under suspension. Barrett was charged with resisting arrest, inducing panic, obstruction and tampering.

On May 28, an owner of an apartment on Broadway found another resident digging in his door with a screwdriver, the owner asked what was happening and the other resident responded her key fell under his door, and began to bribe him after he stated he was going to call the police. No items were stolen, but his door and locks were damaged.

On June 2, officers received a call about a car stolen from Lisbon and found on 20th Street and Danbury. Officers could tell damage was done to both left side tires and rims.

Police are aware of the phone number 979-822-3246 calling people and notifying them their social security number had been used for drug activity. The department advises to block the number and to not provide the caller any information.

Around 2:30 p.m. June 6, officers were looking for Antwan Curnell, who had fled from a traffic stop. They had received information that Curnell ran into an apartment on Independence Square. Rachael Lawson, the owner of the apartment, was standing in front of the apartment, and said no one ran into her apartment and gave consent for officers to search it. Officers found Curnell upstairs hiding and was taken into custody. Lawson was taken into custody for obstructing official business after Curnell showed officers messages Lawson had sent him asking if he had left through the back door.

Dennis Fender was charged with driving under suspension and taken into custody on a warrant from Coshocton after a traffic stop at Clark and Aten on June 8. Fender told officers about the warrant and that he had meth in the vehicle. Officers found a small tube of white powder inside an empty cigarette container, which has been sent away for testing.