Lisbon police reports

An officer on patrol tried to stop a Nissan Altima for a left-of-center violation while driving west on East Lincoln Way at 6:27 p.m. June 1. When the officer activated his Interceptor lights and siren the motorist sped up and began passing the vehicles in front. The chase continued up Canton Hill until the officer turned off his lights and siren since he was outside village limits. He continued to pursue the Nissan on U.S. Route 30 until just past the turn-off at state Route 172, at which point the officer broke off the chase and returned to Lisbon. The driver was a black male in his 20s and wearing a white T-shirt.

A resident at 503 E. Chestnut St. reported at 9:54 p.m. June a group of juveniles were going ringing door bells and fleeing, a practice referred to as “ding dong ditch.” Police searched the area for 10 minutes or so but did not find anyone.

Jamison Hartley, Pritchard Avenue, reported June 1 about 20 containers of beer and $40 in fireworks were stolen from his garage, with the suspects setting off the fireworks in his yard.

Police were called to the BP station at 4 p.m. June 2 after Frank J. Pearson, drove over a concrete block he did not see. The block ripped a hole in his SUV’s oil pan, causing it to leak out. The fire department was contacted to clean up the spill.

Judy Spencer, state Route 517, reported June 2 three flats of flowers worth $14 each were stolen from her front porch.

Police were called June 2 to the fire department in regard to an elderly woman who appeared confused. The woman left in her vehicle before police arrived, and police were unable to find her.

David Toot, East Lincoln Way, reported at 12:58 a.m. June 3 he saw two males trying to break into his locked vehicles in his driveway. Toot chased them into the alley behind his house and toward McKinley Elementary School. He said the one suspect was wearing a gray sweatshirt with a hood. Chris Baughman, East Chestnut Street, reported that about 10 minutes earlier he saw a boy wearing the same sweatshirt trying to break into cars in his driveway. This was after his neighbor’s motion sensor light went off. The car door was left half open but nothing was taken.

Police received a call of a man beating on the door at 336 E. Washington St. at 3:55 a.m. June 3. On the way to the scene police came across Jeffrey M. Skidmore, Gromley Road, Salem, who was sitting outside his vehicle in the Stover’s Power Sports parking lot on East Washington Street. Skidmore said he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend and left. Skidmore said he had permission to be on the Stover property and was going to stay there until morning.

A person who lives at 217 E. Pine St. reported there was a suspicious vehicle in the alley by her home at 10:35 p.m. June 3. Police searched the area but found no such vehicle.

Police were called to the Hornsby House on June 3 because a resident needed to be transported to a local hospital for a mental evaluation. The man had barricaded himself in the room until but police managed to push the door partially open. When an officer threatened to shoot him with a stun gun, the man relented and let the officers in. He was transported by ambulance to a local hospital without further incident.

A Hanoverton woman reported she and her husband were preparing to leave county Municipal Court on June 4 when a man she knows was waiting for them and made some harassing comments. They were in court because of a civil action filed against them by the man.

A caller reported there was a suspicious group of youths walking on East Lincoln Way at 2:07 a.m. June 4. Police found four juveniles in the Weber Funeral Home parking lot loitering around a vehicle. The female in the group said they were visiting a friend next door, and police told them to go home after determining no criminal activity had occurred.

Jess A. Reed, 40 West Washington Street, was cited for OVI and driving left of center after being pulled over coming home from the Social 45 at 11:30 p.m. June 3. Reed admitted to having three beers and was taken to the local state highway patrol post to be tested. Once there, Reed became sick, so patrol decided to only have him provide a urine sample.


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