Lisbon Police Reports

Johnathon J. Brletich, 32, Sherman Street, was charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct after police were called to a disturbance at his home on Saturday afternoon. Brletich is accused of throwing his 11-year-old son on a table and striking him in the face and head after the boy told him he did not like it when his father drinks because it scares him. While police were arresting Brletich he stated several times he was a corrections officer at the county jail. While being processed at the police department, Brletich reportedly screamed that he was not going to jail without a fight and they would have to shoot him. He also hurled insults at one of the officers and told him to take off his belt and stun gun so they could fight. Brletich also admitted to being drunk, telling the officer isn’t that what you do on Memorial Day weekend. Police called the county jail to advise them Brletich had been arrested and would be on his way there shortly. Several COs and a sheriff’s deputy were waiting when police arrived with Brletich, who began swearing at everyone. Once in a cell, he began slamming himself against the door, so the staff used a chemical agent on Brletich to get him to stop.