Lisbon Police Reports

A representative from the local H & R Block reported Thursday they sent a $3,515 refund to the wrong customer and are trying to correct the mistake. For some reason the same bank routing number was listed on both of the clients’ paperwork. Police finally suggested having the man who received the wrong refund write a cashier’s check for the amount, payable to H & R Block. He dropped it off at the police department and an officer took he check to H & R.

Gloria Woodburn, Pine Street Extension, reported Thursday going out to mow only to be harassed and growled at by the neighbor’s dog that came into her yard. Another neighbor, Lisa Wycoff, had a video of the dog coming into her yard as well. Police cited Kimberly Hays, 42, for letting her dog run loose.

A caller reported a motorist almost struck a tree while backing up on West Washington Street at 3 p.m. Thursday and appeared to be driving erratically. The driver turned out to be a diabetic and her sugar level was 52, so she was drinking Pepsi to get it back up. Her mother arrived and took her home until her sugar levels returned to normal.

Amanda Johnson, Sherman Street, reported Thursday Derek Johnson had broken out the tail lights on her vehicle that is registered in her name during. Mr. Johnson agreed to leave for the night and was told if he returned he would be charged with domestic violence.

Police responded to a report of yelling coming from a house apartment on North Market Street at 4:53 p.m. Saturday. Alec Zaplata said she was yelling at her mother on the phone but she did not believe it was that loud. She was advised to keep it down. Police were called back an hour later in regard to an argument in the parking lot between Zaplata and Alex Rockenhauser, both of whom were gone by the time police arrived. At 6:48 p.m., police were called to a couple arguing outside Italo’s later identified as Rockenhauser and Zaplata. Police later caught up with both of them separately and warned them the next time someone would get charged.

Police investigated a report about Joseph Long trying to start a fight with multiple people on West Lincoln Way at 2 a.m. Friday. Long, 42, was found to have a black eye, but the other people group denied being responsible. No charges were filed due to conflicting stories and there were no visible marks on Lee Knight’s hands. Long was cited for public intoxication for walking around town drunk,, and an ambulance was summoned to transport him to a local hospital to be examined.

Police responded to a report of a woman yelling at Apple Grove apartments at 8:55 p.m. Sunday. The woman said she was depressed over the death of her son 20 years ago, so police called for an ambulance to be evaluated.

Police responded to a loud music complaint at Apple Grove apartments at 11:50 p.m. Saturday, and was told by a man the loud music calms him. Police had been called there before on the same complaint, so they cited Deryl A. Greathouse, 61, for violating the village noise ordinance.