Lisbon Police Reports

Police went to an apartment house at 889 N. Market Street at 1 a.m. Sunday after a caller reported hearing what sounded like a fight between a couple, with the woman being in the face by the man. Police arrived and questioned the woman, who said she was drunk when they arrived home from a bar in town and she tripped climbing the stairs. The woman said they were likely loud too. The woman denied being assaulted, and the only visible injuries were the scrapes on her leg from tripping on the stairs. The boyfriend denied hitting her, and he did not have an visible sign of injuries.

Police were called to East of Chicago at 4:29 p.m. Wednesday in regard to a drunken man swearing at customers. Police arrived to find Richard Vecchio, 56, outside stumbling around and trying to hang onto a pole before falling to the ground. Vecchio, who admitted to drinking whiskey and beer, was cited for public intoxication, and he was transported by police to his home just outside town.

Izzy Perez reported her car was vandalized while parked in the Catholic church parking lot Friday night. The car was egged and a white substance was used to scribble on the windows in an illegible manner.

Diana Adams was working at the Valley View on Thursday when a man she knows stopped by to say he left his tools in her car. Adams took out the relay switch so the car could not start and then gave the man the keys. The next thing she knew the man honked as he drove away. A stolen vehicle report was filed.

Dean Chamberlain, South Jefferson Street, reported a motorist drove through his yard sometime Thursday night. Chamberlain lives across from Shenanigan’s Pub and the tracks appear to have come from the tavern.

An employee at the Vista Center called at 11 p.m. Thursday because of an unruly male patient. The man was recovering from heart surgery and wanted to leave because he was afraid of getting an infection. The man was allowed to leave by ambulance to be to transported to a local hospital.

Susan Mullen of the Elkton Auto Corral reported Wednesday her estranged husband against whom she has a protection order drove by and then had a third party text message her on his behalf. Police spoke to the intermediary, who did not know there was a protection order in place. Police then contacted Jay Mullen and reminded him of the protection order and that he was not to have any contact with Susan or the business, even if she were to try to contact him.