St. Clair Township Police Reports

Officers were advised Wednesday of three males trying to enter a residence on Trotter Road. When they arrived, officers spoke with Alan L. Ammon Sr., who described the men, one of whom he said had red hair and one carrying a backpack. The males had left, walking east on Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road and were located on Carroll Road. Officers identified them as a 24-year-old and two 18-year-olds who denied trying to enter any residence, saying they had cut through the property to reach one of their homes on Carroll Road. They told officers they stopped at a shed on the property in question to pet some goats which is when Ammon came out with his dog and began yelling at them, after which they continued walking. Ammon pulled up as officers were questioning the young men and reportedly said, “Good, you got the little (expletives),” and officers obtained one of his business cards, advising him he would be contacted if he was needed. The three males were searched, and officers reported finding nothing illegal or any items that would be used in the commission of a theft or burglary. They were advised to stay off other people’s property and to use the roadway while walking back and forth. Officers contacted Ammon to advise him of the outcome of their conversation with the three males, at which time he advised there was no forced entry into the shed nor any damage to indicate they had tried to enter, according to reports.

Officers responded along with Lifeteam ambulance to 48627 Belmont Avenue for a woman reportedly overdosing. They were met by Maria Douglas who said her daughter was upstairs in the bathroom, urging emergency personnel to “hurry.” The officer reported he was “surprised” to find Rachel R. Mazza, 30, standing in the bathroom, alert and oriented, with an uncapped syringe on the floor. She told officers she was using the bathroom when she felt sick. Officers reported noticing a spoon hanging out of her pocket and confiscated it. An officer picked up Mazza’s hoodie from the floor and reported finding a metal smoking device. Lifeteam checked Mazza, declaring her vital signs to be OK. She was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and taken to the police station where she was given a copy of the immunity form and advised that, if she fails to follow the rules of the agreement, additional charges will be filed.

Responding to 49480 Calcutta-Smith Ferry Road to remove people who didn’t belong there, officers spoke to three people who said they had not been asked to leave by tenant Wendy Logston, who filed the complaint. They were checked for warrants and advised to leave the property.

An officer reported seeing a Douglas Toothman and Kelly Hooper walking north on St. Clair Avenue, apparently arguing and causing traffic to back up. Toothman was advised to go home, while Hooper was given a ride to a relative’s at her request. The report did not list ages or addresses for either Toothman or Hooper.

Sarah E. Skinner, 23, was working at the Calcutta Health Center and said a male she doesn’t know had called her several times, asking officers to escort her to her vehicle after work. They escorted her out of town to the township limit without incident.

An officer en route home reported a fallen tree on Annesley Road, and the road crew was called out. Liverpool Township responded for traffic control until the tree was removed after a pickup truck nearly struck it.

While driving on Y&O Road near Annesley Road, Amanda L. Lucas, 31, Y&O Road, East Liverpool, struck a branch in the roadway. Neither she nor her passenger reported injuries.