St Clair Township

While on patrol, an officer reported seeing a vehicle leaving a known drug house at the Echo Dell Mobile Home Park and saw it had no front license plate. He initiated a traffic stop on Bell School Road, where the driver was identified as Mark Foden, 48, Park Place, and his passenger as Reva McCullough, no age or address listed. While speaking with Foden, the officer reported, he could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle and asked if there were anything illegal inside. Foden said there was not but they had smoked some at the residence they had just left. The officer searched the vehicle and reported finding in the glove compartment a bent spoon burned on the bottom. Although he denied it being his, Foden said he would take the blame. The officer placed Foden under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia and continued to search the vehicle, reporting that he discovered a plastic container of unknown white powder residue and a pinch off bag with white powder residue. Foden was also charged with improper display, and the officer reported the items containing residue will be sent for testing with additional charges pending.


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