St. Clair Township

Officers responded Wednesday night to the Dollar General store in the Dunham’s Plaza for reports of shoplifting, where a manager said the woman in question was waiting to check out. The manager reported seeing the woman, identified as Alexis L. Steele, 26, Highland Avenue, place items in her purse, saying a customer had also reported seeing the same activity. An officer went inside and told Steele to either pay for the items in her coat an purse or she would be charged with theft. He reported that it was obvious to him Steele was intoxicated and on some kind of narcotic due to her behavior. Steele reportedly allowed Patrolman Joshua Jackson to look inside her purse, where he reported finding candy bars, measuring cups and other items from the store as well as a glass pipe with a burned end and containing Chore Boy. Steele was arrested for disorderly conduct/public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia. Meanwhile, an employee informed the officer the truck that dropped off Steele was down near the Aldi store and officers reported it matched the description of a truck involved in a complaint by the Sheetz manager. He told police a customer complained that someone in the restroom stall next to him was doing drugs, having dropped a glass pipe that he immediately picked up before going out and getting into the truck.Officers viewed the surveillance video at Sheetz and reported the truck was the same as the one at Aldi, which Steele said her boyfriend was driving. The driver, Christopher A. Hightower, 36, Ohio Avenue, was patted down for weapons and officers reported finding in his pockets pills, several white rocks, a bag of white powder and a syringe. They reported a bloody shirt was found on top of the truck. Hightower was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and possession of drug paraphernalia. Both he and Steele were transported to the county jail.