Heloise: Tag – you’re on!

Dear Heloise: I bought merchandise for a WEDDING GIFT. Do I leave the price tags off or keep the price tags on? The reason I want to leave the price tags on is because the bride may want to return the gift. Without the tags, she would not know where I bought the gift. — J.S. in Ohio

I would leave the price tag on the item and either black out only the price, using a marker, or cover up the price using the tape version of correction fluid. If you can still read the price, take an ink pen and doodle circles until it cannot be read. This helps the store take the item back more easily because you left all the important store numbers intact, and the bride (or groom) will still know where to return the item. — Heloise



Dear Heloise: When disposing of credit cards, be sure to scratch out the three-digit card security code (CSC) or card verification code (CVC) that is located on the back. Even with shredding, it’s good practice to scratch off the number, making sure the card cannot be used. — Mark D. in New York

If you are unsure, these are the numbers located on the back of the card, usually at the end of the signature box. — Heloise