Potters soar over Eagles

From Staff Reports

HANOVERTON — East Liverpool defeated United 4-1 on Thursday.

The Potters improve to 8-4 and will host Salem on Monday. United hosts Alliance today.

FIRST SINGLES: Chris Montgomery (EL) def. Hunter Stratton, 6-0, 6-1

SECOND SINGLES: Alex Tambellini (EL) def. Simon Lin, 6-0, 6-0

THIRD SINGLES: Celeste Hofmeister (U) def. Colin Smith, 6-3, 6-3

FIRST DOUBLES: Caden Madison-Terran Stacey (EL) def. Sean McKarns-Brandon McKenzie, 6-1, 6-3

SECOND DOUBLES: Justin Blasedel-Austin Deering (EL) def. Maddie Dickens-Laurel Stewart, 6-2, 6-2

Oak Glen at Brooke

WELLSBURG, W. Va. — The Oak Glen girls and boys tennis teams took down Brooke on Thursday.

The girls won 6-1, while the boys won 4-3.

The girls improve to 14-3. Both travel to University on Saturday.


FIRST SINGLES: Katie Szymanski (OG) def. Kathryn Marks, 8-1

SECOND SINGLES: Molly Swartzmiller (OG) def. Shalyn Secrist, 8-1

THIRD SINGLES: Brooke Provenzano (OG) def. Katelyn Moff, 8-0

FOURTH SINGLES: Cristal Tetrault (OG) def. Harley Wilson, 8-2

FIRST DOUBLES: Szymanski-Swartzmiller (OG) def. Marks-Secrist, 8-3

SECOND DOUBLES: Provenzano-Ally Brothers (OG) def. Moff-Wilson, 8-0

THIRD DOUBLES: Adrianna Bailey-Leah Caparros (B) def. Tetrault-Abby Chavez, 8-6


FIRST SINGLES: Devon Flanigan (OG) def. Nick Calvert, 8-3

SECOND SINGLES: Mason Zupp (B) def. Connor Blake, 8-1

THIRD SINGLES: Brogan Moran (OG) def. Gavin Browne, 8-1

FOURTH SINGLES: Parker Provenzano (OG) def. Colin Heilman, 8-2

FIRST DOUBLES: Calvert-Zupp (B) def. Flanigan-Moran, 8-6

SECOND DOUBLES: Browne-Heilman (B) def. Garrett Rhodes-Josh Lantz, 8-5

THIRD DOUBLES: Blake-Provenzano (OG) def. Anthony Taylor-Kris Obeldabel, 8-3

Oak Glen at Linsly

WHEELING, W. Va — The Wheeling Linsly tennis teams edged Oak Glen Wednesday.

The Oak Glen girls lost 4-3, while the boys are currently trailing 4-2 with the final doubles to go. Oak Glen leads 5-3 before darkness took over.


FIRST SINGLES: Lydia Andinger (L) def. Katie Szymanski, 8-6.

SECOND SINGLES: Caitlin Mead (L) def. Molly Swartzmiller, 8-1.

THIRD SINGLES: Lakin Snider (L) def. Brooke Provenzano, 8-5.

FOURTH DOUBLES: Ally Brothers (OG) def. Emma Augustine, 8-4.

FIRST DOUBLES: Katie Szymanski-Molly Swartzmiller (OG) def. Lydia Andinger-Caitlin Mead, 9-8 (7-5).

SECOND DOUBLES: Lakin Snider-Selina Zhu (L) def. Brooke Provenzano-Ally Brothers, 8-4.

THIRD DOUBLES: Cristal Tetrault-Abby Chavez (OG) def. Emma Augustine-Sarah McDermott, 8-6.


FIRST SINGLES: Devon Flanigan (OG) def. Andy Sui, 8-4

SECOND SINGLES: Manuel Suita (L) def. Connor Blake, 8-1

THIRD SINGLES: Eric Wang (L) def. Brogan Moran, 8-1

FOURTH SINGLES: Parker Provenzano (OG) def. Jimmy Xu, 9-8 (7-2)

FIRST DOUBLES: Sui-Suita (L) def. Flanigan-Moran, 8-5

SECOND DOUBLES: Eric Wang-Marc Lifson (L) def. Nick Elm-Josh Lantz 8-0

THIRD DOUBLES: Blake-Provenzano (OG) leads Aaron Wang-xx, 5-3