Streetlights get upgrades

Protech Electric workers replace light bulbs in the decorative streetlights in East Liverpool. (Photo by Jo Ann Bobby-Gilbert)

EAST LIVERPOOL — Although the city failed to receive a grant for street light repairs, some upgrades are nonetheless being made with money found in the budget.

On Wednesday, workers from Protech Electric in Glenmoor were replacing the old bulbs in the decorative street lights in the downtown area with new high-efficiency LED bulbs, working first to replace the ones in Devon’s Diamond to get ready for this weekend’s Christmas activities.

The old bulbs taken from those lights will be used to replace non-working bulbs in streetlights around the rest of the downtown area, according to Mayor Ryan Stovall.

Cost of replacing just these bulbs will be $6,000, which Stovall said will be paid with money moved from the downtown business fund.

Originally, Stovall had hoped to have all downtown streetlights changed to LED bulbs and had applied for a grant to pay for the estimated $28,000 cost, but that grant was not received.

He said changing to the different lighting would save the city between $5,000 and $6,000 annually in electric costs and the LED bulbs create more light than the existing amber-colored bulbs.

Stovall said he plans to reapply for the grant in the next funding round.

He expects Protect to be finished with the replacement work prior to Saturday’s parade and Light Up Night, he said.