Mahon wins three times

EAST LIVERPOOL-Chase Mahon took home three victories to lead the East Liverpool boys track team past Edison Tuesday. The Potters tallied 77 points to the Wildcats 47.

Mahon won the 100-meter dash, 200 dash and 400 dash. The Potters also got wins from Ransom Palmer in the high jump, Ragwan Eilam in the long jump and Ryan Lilly in the shot put.

Edison got wins from Corey Kuntupis in the 800 run and John Johnston in the discus.

For the girls, Ashley Borsch won the 100 and 300 hurdles as the Wildcats slipped by the Potters. Edison scored 65 points and the Potters had 63.

Leighanna Frantz led East Liverpool with victories in the 400 dash and high jump.


East Liverpool 77, Edison 47

3200 RELAY: Edison 9:48.4.

100 HURDLES: John Miscuk (EL) 17.5, Beebout (EL), Springer (ED).

100 DASH: Chase Mahon (EL) 12.2, Eilam (EL), Cowart (EL).

800 RELAY: Edison 1:44.8.

1600 RUN: Jake Densmore (EL) 5:25.6, Kuntupis (ED), Howell (ED).

400 RELAY: East Liverpool 49.5.

400 DASH: Chase Mahon (EL) 56.7, Ferrell (ED), Rexroad (EL).

300 HURDLES: Jake Allen (EL) 46.3, Shaw (EL), Springer (ED).

800 RUN: Corey Kuntupis (ED) 2:15.8, Densmore (EL), Geisse (EL).

200 DASH: Chase Mahon (EL) 24.6, Perrell (ED), Stokes (EL).

3200 RUN: Quinn Lyle (EL) 11:46, Kuntupis (ED), Adkins (EL).

1600 RELAY: Edison 4:00.2.

DISCUS: John Johnston (ED) 117-6, Lilly (EL), Adkins (EL).

SHOT PUT: Ryan Lilly (EL) 40-3, Johnston (ED), Haught (ED).

LONG JUMP: Ragwan Eilam (EL) 17-9 1/2, Woika (ED), Jones (EL).

HIGH JUMP: Ransom Palmer (EL) 5-6, Scalise (ED), Longo (ED).


Edison 65, East Liverpool 63

3200 RELAY: East Liverpool 13:18.0.

100 HURDLES: Ashley Borsch (ED) 16.1, Reinhardt (EL), Cline (ED),

100 DASH: Stacey Sutton (EL), 13.5, Bube (ED), Carpenter (ED).

800 RELAY: Edison 1:59.4.

1600 RUN: Cheyenne Matta (ED) 7:07.5, Starkey (EL), Ward (EL).

400 RELAY: Edison 57.2.

400 DASH: Leighanna Frantz (EL) 1:20.0, Conrad (EL), Kopras (EL), Wilson (EL).

300 HURDLES: Ashley Borsch (ED) 50.7, Drabick (ED), Bailey (EL).

800 RUN: Rachel Cline (ED) 3:11.2, Kopras (EL), Voorhees (EL).

200 DASH: Bethanie Bube (ED) 28.4, Sutton (EL), Miller (EL).

3200 RUN: Cheyenne Matta (ED) 15:15.4, Reinhardt (EL), Starkey (EL).

1600 RELAY: Edison 4:54.9.

DISCUS: Lindsay Baker (EL) 105-8, Voorhees (EL), Chaney (ED).

SHOT PUT: Hannah Scott (ED) 28-5, Baker (EL), Williams (EL).

LONG JUMP: Kylie Long (ED) 14-2, Miller (EL), Nichols (EL).

HIGH JUMP: Leighanna Frantz (EL) 4-10, Click (EL), Drabick (ED).