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In response

December 8, 2013
The Review

Dear Editor:

I write in response to the erudite letter of Dec.1, entitled "One Party Rule," by William Eardley.

I do wish I had his impressive ability for detail and recall, as to how the Affordable Health Care law was passed. However, if any traditions were twisted in the passage of this law, might it be because there have roadblocks placed in President Obama's path since the very day he came into office, rendering it impossible for things to be passed any other way?

I see and understand the fear that underlies the writer's anger. Things are changing in this country; the traditional rule by the rich caucasian male may be a thing of the past. Perhaps he is afraid that we are trending toward socialism in some ways. If this is the case, I would only ask him to acknowledge that we have been living in a state of quasi-socialism ever since we started giving taxpayer assistance in the form of corporate subsidies. To extend this to those who now need it the most seems to be something that we must now do, else the bottom will fall out of our entire country and way of life. But more importantly, it is just the right thing to do.

Please acknowledge that as a taxpayer, we are already subsidizing health care for the needy in the form of emergency room treatment for the less fortunate. Perhaps the writer is not aware just how much an emergency room will charge for the administration of a couple aspirin? Would it not make more financial sense for us to pay for a $100 doctor visit than an ER visit of $5,000 for treatment for a case of the flu?

I don't know if the writer is a churchgoer or not. I like to make decisions like these based on my idea of what the Nazarene would do in like circumstances. Would he come down on the side of corporate subsidy, ignoring the least of his brothers and their needs? I leave that question to the writer, his conscience, and his knowledge of the Great One. If we are churchgoers, let us walk our talk and act as Christians, and let us love our brothers as ourselves. We will feel better for it, our heart will soften, and fear and anger will no longer glow from between our words. Love will glow in its place.

Best wishes, and a very Merry Christmas.

Barbara Ortega

East Liverpool



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