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No real Santa letter

December 8, 2013
The Review

Dear Editor:

'Tis the season to be happy and cheerful - isn't that what this time is suppose to be?

My father is a retired postal worker. He delivered mail for 30-plus years. Always a caring man to all he delivered to.

The idea of a Santa mail box and answering children's letters was brought to his attention, and my dad thought this was a great idea. Soon, my mother was answering Santa letters from all over the area - for 25 plus years.

My mother took the time to read each letter and write a letter back to every single letter that was put into that Santa box at the post office. Little kids would write Santa about every possible thing they could, from missing a parent, to a new dog, or a new brother or sister, even people in nursing homes who's only wish was to receive a letter from Santa.

My mom took pride in doing these letters over the years and enjoyed reading each letter the kids wrote and the stories they would tell. She has received letters from the same children year after year.

Children she use to write to when this first started are grown with children of their own who now write Santa letters. Classrooms and daycares would send letters and she would answer each and every letter one-by-one. She took time out each evening for reading and writing letters.

Well this year, they will not let her do it. Why? For safety issues, they say. Are you kidding me? Safety reasons from a woman who devoted her time to each child?

They say she can write one letter as a main letter to send to every child. Why insult her like that? It was special for a brother to get a different letter than his sister, but now you want her to make one letter?

So it saddens my mom to end the Santa letters, but not by choice. It has been told it has to be this way because she doesn't work for the post office, and that they are concerned over safety of children because she has their addresses.

You have hurt my mom's feelings and broken the hearts of children in this area for selfish reasons. One by one these children will ask you why there isn't a Santa box and you can explain to them, as you have to her, it's "for safety issues," and how they will receive a "generic" Santa letter this year.

Angela Bourne

East Liverpool



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