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Stop the insanity

December 15, 2013
The Review

Dear Editor:

It's no wonder our children can't read and write or make change at a store when they get a job, our teachers think homework is useless.

The 8-hour school day has long ago been destroyed. What more damage can our educators do?

Until just recently I thought that a 2-hour delay meant that the children stayed an extra two hours in the afternoon. I suppose it was the early darkness in winter that I thought the buses were running later, but alas, two hours less learning.

I'm a retired truck driver, and, on a few occasions, I helped a local dealer deliver school buses and was amazed at how easy they were to handle, and how good they tracked compared to some of the very heavy, and with one-, two-, or three-pivot points and huge weights of my trucks. The truck manufacturers and the body builders have done a masterful job of engineering these vehicles. Short of a rollover, the passengers are safe, and almost anyone can operate them.

These policies are detrimental to the students and only of any value to the educators and administrators. We are sending the wrong signals to the children and nobody seems to realize the insanity of these policies.

These are the only issues I am aware of. Are there more during the school day?

Employers are running away because our youth can't read and write, have no work ethic and can't pass a drug screen. And to add insult to injury, a teacher and an administrator were able to justify this behavior at this board meeting. I've used this phrase many times in my adult life and I repeat it again here, "beam me up Scotty, you sent me to the wrong planet, this can't be home."

PS: I am not anti-safety. We live in a region with cold temperatures and snow and ice. We can't teach our children that learning and for that matter, the world stops with a few snowflakes. This insanity has to stop.

Donald J. Chambers

East Liverpool



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