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Giving Christmas

December 15, 2013
The Review

Dear Editor:

If you have a few free moments in your busy schedule, I have a true, poignant story I would like to share with you, It is about reaching out and "really connecting." If I were to title the story, I would call it "Giving Christmas."

Last year, a week before Christmas, I answered my phone and heard a woman sobbing. I asked her how I could help her. She told me no one would help her, and I was her last hope! She said she had made a burial box for her little dog who was dying. In it she had put his blanket, leash, and collar. She told me she had no money to pay a veterinarian and her little dog was "all she had."

I asked her for her name and phone number and told her I would call her back. A phone call was made to the C.A.C. Veterinarian Clinic. I called the woman back and told her to take her little dog to the clinic and not to worry.

For the next week I wondered about this woman's dog. Did he survive? Was he okay? What?

Late on Christmas Eve, I answered the phone and heard a female voice, crying softly.

My heart filled with emotion, I told her how sorry I was. I had so hoped... "No, No, she replied." These are happy tears. He is here in my lap! I called to tell you, Thank You, you gave me Christmas!"

Carol Chaffee

East Liverpool



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