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BPA searches for clerk

December 12, 2013
By DEVIN BEZEREDI - Salineville Reporter ( , The Review

SALINEVILLE-With Board of Public Affairs clerk Nancy Needham due to join village council at the beginning of the year, the board is looking for a new clerk to fill the position.

Board President James Brammer asked Mayor Mary Smith, who was in the audience at Monday's meeting, if village council had yet found a replacement for Needham, who also serves as the clerk for village council. Smith replied that council will appoint a clerk at the beginning of the new year. She noted that if a clerk is not found for either the BPA or council, council members can be temporarily appointed to take the meeting minutes.

Smith told BPA members that she has been made aware of a candidate who may be interested in being the clerk for both the village council and board of public affairs.

"We're kind of in limbo here as to whether we need to be looking for a new clerk or if the new village (council) clerk would be interested in doing our clerk work," said Brammer.

In other business, the board discussed ways to make it easier for delinquent sewage customers to pay their bills. Currently, sewer clerk Kayla Taggert is only available two days a week to accept sewer payments at village hall.

According to the board, Needham was the only other village official bonded and insured and therefore able to accept money from sewer customers. However, Needham's bond will expire soon, leaving only Taggert to accept sewer payments.

"Maybe whoever does this job (clerk) when I'm gone, depending on the situation, you can have them come down day a week one day that Kayla (Taggert) doesn't come in," said Needham.

Smith spoke up for the audience reminding Needham that the new clerk would need to be bonded if they were to accept money for sewer payments and added that Taggert should be the only one to accept money.

Board member Kim Adams noted that under previous administrations sewer payments were accepted by the local bank and at a car dealership in the village, which has since closed.

Board members had only recently finished discussing the fact that no one except sewer clerk Kayla Taggert could accept money for sewer payments when village resident Darl Ferguson approached the board during the public portion of the meeting. Holding what appeared to be a folded fifty dollar bill he said he wished to make a payment to the board.

"I just wanted to come down to pay that bill-the shut off thing," said Ferguson, presumably referring to the shut off fees for his sewer bill. "Yins will take this won't you?"

"We just went through this, she (Needham) lost her bond so we can't take that," said Board President James Brammer.

Lastly, Board members determined the billing schedule for Decembers's sewer bill collections. Shut off notices will be sent out Dec. 16. To avoid having their water shut off customers should makes payment by Dec. 31. Sewer clerk Kayla Taggert will be at village hall on Dec. 31 from 5 to 7 p.m. to accept payments. Water shut offs of delinquent customers will begin Jan. 2. Taggert will also be available at village hall to accept payment Jan. 2 from 5 to 7 p.m. and Jan. 4 from 9 to 11 a.m.



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