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Liverpool Township Police Report for 12-8

December 8, 2013
The Review

An officer was called twice Thursday morning to the home of James Neville Sr. on Hollywood Drive where, during the second call, he found Neville's son, James Neville Jr., 18, walking away from the house. He said there had been an argument and he was leaving. His father said they were arguing over nail clippers but did not want charges filed, despite having a scratch on his face. During the second call, the elder Neville was advised by the officer he could not make his son leave without proper eviction steps followed. Neville said he would get an eviction notice the next day. During the first call, the younger Neville was upset that his parents' friends had eaten steaks he had been cooking on the grill. He had left the residence at that time but then returned prior to the second call.

Officers responded Wednesday to the Campground Road home of Juanita Lovett for a tow truck driver refusing to leave her property. After conversing with Lovett's daughter by phone, it was learned the driver had been given approval to repossess a vehicle parked in the driveway. The officers stood by until the car was loaded and had been taken.

Nicholas Crawford, Valley Avenue, reported someone entered his home through a kitchen window and into the living room where he was sleeping. A Playstation 3 was taken from the entertainment stand in the living room and two guns from a room in the rear of the home.

Wenell Beatty, Homestead Avenue, reported a tire and aluminum wheel was loaned to a person who will now not return the rim as requested. Officers called Roy Moffitt about the rim and were advised that Beatty is upset that the weed eater he gave him a month earlier was now not working and that this was an on-going family dispute. Beatty was advised this is a civil matter.

Nick Tice, Molly Jackson and Heath Hites reported a woman they know took a Playstation 3, a .45-caliber handgun and a Fox shirt and asked that officers speak with her. The woman, Anna Cianni, denied taking the items but said Hites had been harassing her and had come to her residence, brandishing a large handgun out front.

Courtney McDole, Price Street, reported two Ford motors, a transmission and an old mantel had been taken from her grandfather's garage.

Johnny Landfried, Campground Road, reported he was driving south on Campground Road when someone in a northbound vehicle threw a full water bottle, which lodged in the grill of his vehicle, damaging the grill.

John Dawson reported a dirt bike taken from a storage shed at the Free Methodist Church Camp on Anderson Boulevard. A chain used to secure the bike had been cut.

Called to the home of Vicky McConnell, Westfield Road, for a dog complaint, officers learned she had called the dog warden. As the officer left, a large dog wandered up the road and began barking and chasing the cruiser and another resident advised the owner's name. Officers arrived at the home and found the dog was inside but no one responded to their knocks on the door.

Zac Calhoun, Anderson Boulevard, reported an air conditioner removed from a window of his residence to allow someone to enter. He found the home ransacked and several items missing, including a handgun, two Xboxes, 15-20 games, a compound bow and between $70 and $100 in rolled coins.



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