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SB 3512 bad idea

November 18, 2012
The Review

Dear Editor:

My family lives on Johnsonville Road, Chester, located close to the place known as the Little Blue Coal Ash dump site for FirstEnergy.

The water seeps from the coal ash impoundment and has come into our neighborhood. Johnsonville Road has been like a construction zone. The pumping station across from our home has been worked on and repaired several times since last fall, and they still do not seem to know what the heck they are doing.

Do you know what it is like when the road crew ties up your road for a day and you think it is such a pain? So everyday for about a year we have lived with this noise and heavy trucks and equipment tearing up our roads and hauling gravel and dirt to and from the work sites. The truck drivers are people we don't know because they don't live in our area.

People are selling their homes to FirstEnergy and looking for another home to live in because of the seeps and bad odors. Pretty sad.

Senators in Pa., W.Va., and Ohio are trying to sneak in a bill that will make them not have any rules for coal ash to protect the people. We need more people than just us to help stop this before our whole area we once knew as a small Tri-State area that is gone and not safe for anyone to live here.

So look around at what you have. Your home, yard, neighbors and family, the ones you have trusted and depend on. Because if this bill passes, we don't know what could happen.

Right now my family's home that I grew up in and the one I built beside it is worth zero dollars. How would that make you feel?

So please, help us remove this bill - SB 3512. Because this bill does not protect your health or guarantee enforcement or oversight.

So please call your senators and ask them to pull their names from this bad bill. W.Va. Senator Manchin has co-sponsored this bad coal ash bill - SB 3512. Call Senator Manchin today, 202-224-3954.

Tonya Wiseman




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