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East Liverpool Police for 11-15

November 15, 2012
The Review

Called to Market Street for a man passed out blocking the stairwell, officers reported finding Steven Schneider with two aerosol cans of dust cleaner by his feet. He awoke and apologized, saying he would go to his apartment, but officers persuaded him to go to the emergency room, advising he will be charged with abuse of a harmful intoxicant.

Edward Zwick, Wilbert Avenue, reported Saturday kids were throwing eggs at his apartment and when he opened the door to yell, he was struck in the forehead with an egg. He also voiced his complaints about security guards at the housing complex and was advised to speak with the manager.

Jeff Bilingsley, Michigan Street, called to have Alexis Mitchell removed, saying she wouldn't shut up and he was tired of listening to her. Mitchell reportedly accused Billingsley of taking $9 of her son's SSI money, but he denied it, telling officers she "drank up" her son's money. He was advised to begin eviction proceedings and both were advised to stop acting like 12-year-olds, police reported.

A vehicle owned by Carlos A. Monteiro, Pennsylvania Avenue, was observed by officers to have the rear window broken out, and a beer can and pumpkin were found lying on the ground at the rear of the vehicle.

Tyler J. Austin, 21, Saint George Street, reported he was sitting outside his home when a woman pulled up and she and three other women got out of the vehicle. One of them began punching him and bit his bicep. He was advised how to file charges with the law director.

Rachell Stroll, Cartwright Street, reported Sunday eggs thrown on her car and house.

Kim Herron, Ohio Avenue, reported Saturday being threatened by neighbors about an earlier fight.

Patricia L. Weaver, Denver Street, reported Monday her home entered and a flat-screen television, Wii, jewelry and a lock box containing a small amount of cash taken.

Officers responded Monday to an alarm at Seaforth Mineral, Washington Street and it was found entry had been made to the company, with interior doors pried. An investigation is pending.

A 41-year-old woman was found dead on the floor of her bathroom at Woodland Hills, Wilbert Avenue, with several drug abuse instruments next to her body, according to police. She was found Tuesday, and officers reported the last time she had been heard from was the previous Friday. The county coroner is assisting with the investigation. The woman's body was transported by North Star Critical Care ambulance.

Called for a possible fight on Laurel Lane Monday, officers reported seeing Jerry M. Mellott, 34, sit on a mattress and try to hide what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette underneath. They reported finding two such cigarettes, several pinch-off bags and a digital scale underneath the mattress, and Mellott was charged with possession of marijuana.

A man and woman who were not identified in reports told police a woman they know assaulted them with a golf club on Lincoln Avenue. She could not be located.

Ricky R. Moore, West Fourth Street, reported his home entered and a flat-screen television, laptop computer and various medications taken.

Danielle R. Carroll, Michigan Street, reported windows broken out of her and her neighbor's vehicles, telling officers her ex-boyfriend has threatened to take such action. She told officers he walks with a slight limp, and a surveillance video showed the person who did the damage had such a limp, according to reports.

Randy Bogart, a bus driver for the city school district, reported Monday a tan Blazer passed his bus while he was unloading children on West Eighth Street, with his emergency lights activated.

Amy J. Scafide reported her truck was stolen from in front of her mother's house on Cleveland Avenue, possibly by a person she knows.

A woman was reported sitting on the railroad tracks on River Road Sunday night. An officer convinced her to go to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Christopher Haney, Lincoln Avenue, reported the front door lock broken on his home, from which he is in the process of moving.

A vehicle owned by Samantha A. Adams, Wilbert Avenue, was struck at some time in the past week by an unknown vehicle.

Nicholas M. Bratich, 46, Midland, Pa., pulled forward on Virginia Avenue after getting the green light, preparing to turn right, with Holly N. Lewis, 25, West Grant Street, East Palestine doing the same behind Bratich. Both stopped due to a tractor-trailer making a wide right turn from Pennsylvania Avenue. Bratich backed up to make room, striking Lewis' vehicle.

Cindy J. Miller, 50, Oakmont Avenue, was stopped on West Fifth Street, driving a CARTS van when the mirror on a vehicle traveling east on West Fifth Street struck the van's mirror, breaking the mirror on the other vehicle and causing Miller's mirror to fold in. The other vehicle left without stopping.

Reporter Jo Ann Bobby-Gilbert was in the process of doing a story on the city's demolition of a home on Vine Street when the property owner punched the side window of her car. The incident occurred at 1:20 p.m. Wednesday.



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