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East Liverpool Police for 11-14

November 14, 2012
The Review

Mason Jones, Ohio Avenue, was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital Saturday after being beaten up by two men who kicked in the door of his home. According to reports, a woman came to the home of Jones and Kim Beatty and accused them of taking her Xbox, which they denied having. She left but returned with two men who kicked in the door, went to the bedroom where Jones was sleeping and began hitting him with a piece of wood and a ball bat. They also shoved Beatty over a chair. Jones was taken to the emergency room then flown to Pittsburgh for further treatment.

Police charged Casey M. Cunningham, 32, Thompson Avenue, with possession of drug abuse instruments Monday night after her mother called to have Cunningham removed from her home. When officers arrived, Mrs. Cunningham said her daughter was in the bathroom, "shooting up" heroin and wasn't wanted there. Officers were unable to open the bathroom door except for about six inches, and could see Ms. Cunningham sitting with her back against the door, a tablespoon containing residue and a dirty cotton ball between her legs. A needle containing brown fluid was reportedly found underneath her coat.

Cody A. Churchhill, 18, reported his father went to pick up his belongings from his ex-girlfriend's apartment at Woodland Hills but his Xbox and iPhone4 were missing. She told police the items had been set outside with his belongings and were stolen. He was advised to contact the law director in regard to filing charges.

Johnny Snyder, Pennsylvania Avenue, reported being chased by a man with tattoos up and down his arms he knows only as Jeremy. He said the man knocked his phone from his hand and kept it. He was referred to the law director to file charges.

Charlotte Stewart, Ambrose Avenue, called Sunday to have a person removed from her home. There, officers reported Donna Parsons said she was checking on the welfare of her grandson, who was fine. She left without incident.

Mallory D. Stowers, 19, and Megan G. Wilson, 24, were reportedly seen by an officer in a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed through the Heights Manor parking lot. When the vehicle was stopped, it was found Wilson had no valid license and two open containers of beer were inside, which Stowers reportedly claimed. Wilson was cited for driving under suspension and Stowers with open container in a motor vehicle. The vehicle was towed since Stowers also had no license.

Tyra Argabrite, North Shady Lane, reported Saturday her Blazer was vandalized by having the battery cables cut.

While at the Little Potters football banquet at United Brethren Church, Charles Lewis reported, he was assaulted by two men when he demanded a refund of his ticket money since there was not enough room for his family to sit together. The two men, Thomas Fitch and Bryan Derenburger, told officers Lewis was advised not to use profanity in the church and around the children and escorted him out, during which he began fighting. They also said his mother hit them with her cane. They were all advised the procedure for filing charges with the law director.



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