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Vote democrat

October 28, 2012
The Review

Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to my newspaper's "Our Opinion," titled "Move Forward With Romney.".

It asks 2 questions:

The first was If we're better off now than four years ago?

My answer is absolutely. Four years ago, President Bush was digging us a financial and economic hole that no person, especially John McCain, could have done better than Obama.

The second question was "Will we be better off four years from now?" My answer is, no one can predict the future.

I'm a retired steelworker and did just fine these past four years.

The article says Obama's record provides cause for worry. My worry is when Mitt Romney claims to disregard, the 47 percent common people, veterans, seniors, poor unemployed, middle class and lower class citizens.

This is typical of all republicans, Romney at least was up front about it and must be given credit for that.

I've always read the "Our Opinion" article and mostly found it favorable, but, not this time. Your opinion is influential. I must put you in the same class as other employers that have publicly stated that if Obama wins, they'll have to cut back, meaning more layoffs.

Also, the TV news showed employers more-or-less threatening the workers, "It's Romney or else."

It's my opinion the only people who'll move forward with Romney are the rich, richer and richest - not the 47 percenters that he'll disregard.

You suggested the voters ask themselves, are we better and will we be better?

I suggest the voters ask themselves who fought for them for all the things for a better living? Who stood by them for all their needs to stay abreast with cost of living? Who insisted the employers be fair to the workers throughout the years?

Finally, what did republicans ever do for the 47 percenters? Name something. Four years ago, Obama took on an impossible job - trying to fix it was like running a race with outnumbering republican Congress holding him by the shirttail.

Give us 47 percenters a chance. Vote straight democrat.

John Flara

New Cumberland



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