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Ashamed as well

October 14, 2012
The Review

Dear Editor:

This is partly in response to two recent letters.

I was never ashamed of the greatest land in the world. I was angry at times, like what we did to the Japanese Americans during WWII even though some of them served in our military.

I was ashamed of a lot of people that treated the Vietnam vets as they did, imagine my wife's feelings. Her brother died there.

I'm teed off with the Tea Party who squawked about 2012, since 2008, not standing behind an elected president.

I'm ashamed of the those who weren't ashamed of President Bush, who had a personal vendetta and went into Iraq and caused 4,000 Americans to be killed and 35,000 lame for life.

Most of us Americans don't believe in abortion, but, it's the law for the few that do. I don't believe in capital punishment, but it's the law in most states. We are a land of law. We've permitted the KKK and skinheads to march into Skokie, Ill., against Jews, and these creeps have an American right as do atheists and other anti-decency people.

Some have denounced foreigners not thinking that it was foreigners that fought for and built this great and beautiful country as it is.

The people I'm ashamed of are the conservatives that won't help the poor that fall through the cracks and say "that's life."

These people fought the workers tooth-and-nail against Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, minimum wage and many other rights for a decent life.

Finally I'm truly ashamed of the white folks who point an accusing finger at our president saying he's Muslim, he has a funny name, he's not a citizen, and his preacher is bad. He's this and he's that, everything except he's African-American. You don't read he's African-American, but, in an all white gathering you hear it. Yes, that problem remains still.

I'm ashamed of the fact that we live in this melting pot and have the opportunity to show the rest of the world how we can live under one umbrella, in harmony as Americans -brown, yellow, red, black, and white, rich and poor, good and bad, Godly or ungodly.

We all have the same constitutional rights as long as we don't hurt each other, taking the word God away will not take God away from me. I could be nasty and say of our land, "love it or leave it," but, I won't as you all have a right (good or bad, right or wrong.)

Vote, Democrat of course.

John Flara

New Cumberland



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