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Ashamed of my country

October 7, 2012
The Review

Dear Editor:

For the first time in my adult life, I can honestly say that I am ashamed of my country.

We as Americans have allowed the murder of millions of unborn babies.

We as Americans have allowed the abandonment of God's people Israel.

We as Americans have sent billions of dollars to terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

We as Americans have allowed our government to bring Islamic terrorists into this nation with open arms calling them refugees.

We as Americans have allowed the destruction of the Constitution and the freedom of speech, religion and the right to keep and bear arms.

We as Americans stand by while our leaders apologize to ruthless murderers and despot dictators.

We as Americans have allowed God to be thrown out of our schools, public offices and the Democratic party leaders even tried to throw Him out of their party platform.

We as Americans have allowed our leaders to ship our jobs out of this nation and rely on hostile foreign nations for most of our energy needs while ignoring our own abundant and affordable resources right here at home.

We as Americans and our children have been sold into slavery and bondage through trillions of dollars of debt because of our own ignorance and apathy.

Barack may have a point. Barack Obama didn't do that alone, many of our fellow Americans helped to make that happen.

Duke Bennett

East Liverpool



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