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Vote ‘no’ on bond issue

February 19, 2012
The Review

Dear Editor:

Taxpayers of the Beaver Local School District go on-line to Click topic at the top task bar, click education and scroll down to DeRolph vs. State of Ohio. Here you can read how in 1991 the 550 school districts in the state of Ohio filed suit against the state of Ohio for failing to provide adequate school funding. Districts with higher property values gave students more opportunities while leaving students in poorer districts lacking. In 2000, 2001 and 2002 the Ohio Supreme Court ruled against school-funding in Ohio and its "heavy reliance upon property taxes." Could this be why at the West Point meeting an anonymous attendee called it an "extortion tax?"

Taxpayers, the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled school funding through property taxes as unconstitutional and not a fair or an equal education opportunity to all students. The Ohio Legislature has failed to do their jobs by enacting new ways of funding schools other then on the backs of property owners. We need to all write our representatives demanding this change so it's fair to all taxpayers and fair to all students.

Right now, Sen. Sherrod Brown has legislation in committee going through the approval process. It's Senate Bill S. 1597: Fix America's Schools Today Act of 2011 or FAST. This bill will send millions of dollars to Ohio schools for renovations and repairs K-12, creating 12,800 jobs in our communities.

These funds will come from the federal government and signed by our president. Ohio school districts would apply for the funding through a grant. Here is a partial list of what the grants will pay for: upgrades in heating, air quality and A/C, roof replacement, electrical system modernization, upgrade plumbing and bathrooms, replace windows, install solar panels, geothermal and clean energy generators, etc. Read more for yourself at and an article about it at

Taxpayers I ask you, why would we vote for a bond issue when school funding by property tax is unconstitutional and if we just wait, Senate Bill 1597 could give us the much needed federal funds to update our schools?

I feel the school board has been remiss in their duties. They could be informing the public at these meetings of Senate Bill 1597, but no they just want a new complex. In my opinion all they want is a new building for their ego. Go to, click at the top Saving Ohio Schools. It is lengthy but is a must read about it being an ego trip for boards and administrators. It explains how old building design is as easy to wire for upgrades and at the same cost as wiring new construction, also maintenance staff complain of chronic roof leaks in their new buildings and is stated as "all to common."

Ten percent in the budget for maintenance of their new complex and buses will leave their proposed new building in the same condition in the near future that they are complaining of now. Because 90 percent of the budget is used up in wages and benefits for working less than 180 days out of the year, if there are no snow days. But taxpayers working in the private sector, if they are lucky enough to get the weekends off, will work 260 days and mostly without benefits. Ask our superintendent what his salary is for working 180 days. Join me in voting "No" on the Beaver Local Bond Issue on March 6.

Dave Kissinger




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