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McKinley needs to visit

January 15, 2012
The Review

Dear Editor:

I have lived my entire life in the Lawrenceville-Johnsonville area. As a child I can remember picking blackberries for my mother to make us homemade blackberry pie, living on watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and corn on the cob in the summer. I moved from Pyramus Road to Johnsonville in 2005. We chose a ranch-style house in a nice quiet neighborhood to be our retirement home. My two children have since gotten married and have children of their own and live within one mile of me. We live directly below the Little Blue Run Coal Ash Impoundment.

In 2006, our nightmare began. Uncontrollable water flooded on our property requiring us to have french drains put all over our property. This doesn't control the water problems to this day, and our yard is a swamp. The beautiful woods behind our house no longer exist. Due to the continuing saturation of the ground. The roots of the trees have died and have totally uprooted. There are no longer blackberries for pies or even the consideration of having a garden. The impoundment has ruined our property.

My family and grandchildren are sick on an ongoing basis with allergy symptoms, breathing problems requiring daily medication and also hospitalization.

My yard has become a swamp. The mosquitoes and bugs are terrible and the smell is unbearable. Due to the ongoing water problems that our french drains can no longer control, there is water in our basement and black mold growing on the walls. Our home has lost its value. Who would want to live there? Is this what is making my family sick?

Congressman McKinley was here for a brief visit in the summer promising to return to tour our community and listen to the concerns and see the damage that First Energy's Coal Ash Impoundments unauthorized runoff has done to our homes and property.

If you were a stranger and were looking to move to this area looking under the local realtors, there are maps of the area. Little Blue Lake shows up on the map as a lake. What a lie. Who would want to live here?

Congressman McKinley and his elected officials have yet to come and hear our concern, I guess they have no time or care about the people who have elected them to office.

Deedy L. Hebrock




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