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Parking issue blocks housing project

February 27, 2014

EAST LIVERPOOL — A proposal to construct an apartment building on the corner of West Sixth and Jefferson streets hit a snag recently when the Board of Zoning Appeals denied variances needed for the......

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Feb-28-14 3:46 AM

Thanks to the Mercers progress in our town is being blocked once again. John, speaking on behalf of Holy Trinity, states the owners are not good neighbors, well John here is your chance to have new neighbors. His wife needs to have a realty check, you live in the city, if parking is a problem than perhaps you should move.

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Feb-28-14 1:45 AM

Mrs. Mercer shoud move to the country if she doesnt want parking problems. This is the second time she has blocked devolpment there. Now we are stuck with another empty lot.

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Feb-27-14 10:35 AM


Extreme poverty amplifies many problems in our city. Alcohol/hardcore substance abuse,crime, violence, ignorance, poor performing schools, etc, etc... Extreme poverty impairs the ability of our city to function as a city even on a very basic level.

The issue of not bringing jobs to EL should have been addressed many years ago. It's why we are in such dire straights. If people have to commute upward of an hour each way to & from work everyday than there is no good reason to remain in EL.

I don't know if it's incompetence or an unwillingness to change/evolve. I do think it's obvious by now ignoring the issue hasn't made it go away.

Stop buying useless dilapidated buildings & sitting on them. Yes many of them were at one time beautiful. An example of days gone by. However in case people haven't noticed this isn't the 1930's,4o's, 50's, 60's anymore. It is way past time for the next chapter.

Accept reality.

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Feb-27-14 10:06 AM

There isn't a need for housing in East Liverpool. There are plenty of homes that can be purchased for very little compared to the average price of homes statewide/nationwide.

Retrofitting buildings for low income housing can not be viewed as progress. It should be viewed as "poverty farming". Sure it's great for the guy who is cashing in on many guaranteed govt checks every month. However, it does nothing for property value. Nor does it benefit the city or residents of EL.

We can solve many of our problems via economic development. Many of our town's dilapidated buildings may be viewed as historical are in reality useless to the infrastructure of modern city. The age of downtown retail is dead. We live in the age of E-tailers (internet commerce) & mega-stores (Walmart). So if the buildings or infrastructure downtown can't be retrofitted to suit the needs of modern manufacturing/technology, the city needs to evolve.


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Feb-27-14 8:31 AM

Saying, "I can say we are struggling to come up with enough money to provide for our community," Curtis asked the board to support the project.

It was pretty easy to come up with $35k per year to provide you and the rest of council a raise.

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Feb-27-14 7:52 AM

So they deny one petition because of a concern for parking, which is for the hospital the largest employer in the city, but approve a larger project but parking is not discussed?


Is this another case of "Who you Know"?

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Feb-27-14 7:22 AM

Mercers complain about everything at that end of town. I remember an office building wanting to be put up there and they complained. Wake up, you live downtown. You should expect tight parking and businesses wanting to be built. Same ol' same ol' when it comes to the few stopping the progress that benefits the many.

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Feb-27-14 5:46 AM

"We need to bring in business." "We need to bring in people." We need to bring in more taxes." But....don't build it in MY neighborhood, don't bring them HERE, do it somewhere else. Any time ANYONE wants to bring in something other than a fast food joint or a store, everyone says NO! NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!!! There might be noise, it will bring dirt, there will be traffic....whine, whine...Maybe stuff like this is why nobody wants the hassle of doing business here? I have never had an issue parking in that exact area!

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