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Flu shots protect you - and others

September 22, 2015 If you are like most people, you buckle your seatbelt when you get in a car or truck. After all, with about 33,000 traffic deaths each year in the United States, there’s no sense taking chances. So .. more »»

Require the drillers to follow rules

September 21, 2015 Thoughtful people understand obtaining the energy we need to fuel our economy, not to mention our households, requires some tradeoffs. more »»

Policy on Syria a dismal failure

September 20, 2015 Almost undoubtedly, Russian military advisers and weaponry being sent to Syria will do more to defeat the Islamic State terrorist army than has been accomplished by the United States. more »»

Kerry view of Syria misses the big picture

September 19, 2015 Secretary of State John Kerry has said he is considering acceptance of an offer for U.S. and Russian military leaders to discuss Moscow’s new assistance program for Syria. more »»

Maintaining free speech on campus

September 18, 2015 Suggesting terrorists may attempt to enter the country through a program to admit Syrian immigrants could land you in trouble at the University of California system in the future. more »»

Register now to vote in November

September 17, 2015 The 2015 General Election in Ohio is less than 50 days away, but there’s still time to get involved. If you are not a registered voter, you have until Oct. 5 to get that done. The election on Nov. more »»

W.Va. needs timely ‘rape kit’ testing

September 16, 2015 How many rapists continue to prey on West Virginia women because evidence that might have put them in prison was never processed? It is a question that should have asked years ago. more »»

Learn cause of algae bloom

September 15, 2015 Residents of the Ohio Valley may have dodged something of a bullet. We should not sit idly waiting for the next one to be fire. more »»

Obey the law on public records

September 14, 2015 Why should it take a new “czar” to force government officials to obey the law in both letter and spirit? And more to the point, why should Americans believe the bureaucrats will do that, just becaus... more »»

Is EPA making us less healthy?

September 13, 2015 Environmental Protection Agency officials are fond of rationalizing new schemes for draconian regulations by claiming they will save lives and protect millions of people from health problems such as... more »»

Vandalism at ‘Beginning’ was senseless

September 12, 2015 It was less than two months ago we praised area college students for the renovation project they spearheaded at the historical “Point of Beginning” marker in the East End of the city. more »»

Manchin right about Iran deal

September 10, 2015 Why should Americans worried about Iran’s nuclear weapons program and that country’s support of terrorists have to go along with a bad deal just because Russian and Chinese leaders like it? You may... more »»

Dealing with our own immigrants

September 9, 2015 Reports of tens of thousands of people from Syria, Libya and other countries flooding into Europe as they attempt to escape strife at home have been all over the news for several days. more »»

Creating more jobs in W.Va.

September 8, 2015 For too many West Virginians, Labor Day may have been a painful reminder that what we celebrate — the efforts of working men and women — is not relevant personally to the. more »»

Give tax breaks to homeowners

September 7, 2015 Business people often get breaks on their property tax bills when they open new stores, factories, et. more »»

‘Monopoly’ is accurate term

September 6, 2015 Regardless of how much lipstick you put on a pig, it’s still a pig. more »»

Keep it safe on roadways this holiday

September 5, 2015 Operating a motor vehicle is a dangerous thing. There’s no disputing that fact. During holidays, that dangerous level has a tendency to increases based on more vehicles traveling along our roadways. more »»

Ensuring big truck are safe

September 4, 2015 More than twice a day on average during April, May and June, West Virginia Public Service Commission inspectors mandated that commercial trucks be taken out of service. more »»

Stop inciting violence against law officers

September 3, 2015 Many in law enforcement feel under siege because of public protests in which violence directed at them is encouraged. more »»

Ponder the facts, not the propaganda

September 2, 2015 The marijuana legalization mascot, “Buddie,” has begun hitting the road in Ohio, urging voters — especially college students — to vote for state Issue 3 on the November election ballot. more »»



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