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Federal taxes out of control

April 16, 2015 Bad news about taxes for West Virginians and Ohioans came out this week, but don’t blame local and state officials. It is not their fault. more »»

Avoid needless ATV tragedies

April 15, 2015 With warmer weather just beginning to beckon local residents toward outdoor recreation, a local man already has been killed in an all-terrain vehicle accident. more »»

Ohio makes progress in rape cases

April 14, 2015 Ohioans should be pleased impressive progress has been made in clearing up a gigantic backlog of old evidence in rape cases. more »»

Clinton can’t be shielded forever

April 13, 2015 Plans to officially launch Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president clearly are aimed at shielding her from verbal missteps and embarrassing questions, as well as limiting the damage from such... more »»

Taking the lead in Washington

April 12, 2015 Human trafficking, often making children and women serve as sex slaves, occurs right here in West Virginia and Ohio. As Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va. more »»

War helped make modern America

April 11, 2015 Imagine a four-year war claiming the lives of 6.2 million Americans. Now think of the horror of such a conflict right here in our homeland. Finally, envision a war of Americans against Americans. more »»

Highway funding not an easy issue

April 10, 2015 In approving $7 billion in transportation spending for the next two years, Ohio legislators also agreed they need to find better ways to fund projects such as highways and bridges. more »»

Find, arrest fake tax return filers

April 9, 2015 You may still be crunching the numbers for your 2014 income tax returns — but they may have been filed already. more »»

Making college truly affordable

April 8, 2015 Too many plans to “make college more affordable” do nothing of the sort. Typical are nearly all such initiatives in Washington, which merely shift the burden of paying for higher education. more »»

Help those who battle terrorists

April 7, 2015 Across the Middle East, nations that for years took inactive roles against Islamic terrorists have been spurred to actio. more »»

Senate must OK any pact with Iran

April 6, 2015 After U.S. and Iranian negotiators passed the Wednesday “deadline” for agreement on a pact to restrict Tehran’s development of nuclear weapons, they kept talkin. more »»

Collect more from casinos

April 5, 2015 Legalized casino gambling in Ohio has followed a trail worn well in other states. First, promise voters enormous riches if they approve table gambling and electronic slot machine. more »»

Ensure that children get dental care

April 4, 2015 Parents who cannot afford to take their children to the dentist have had options for many years. Many dentists are eager to help with free or low-cost treatment. more »»

Keeping personal information private

April 3, 2015 Many of us have received privacy notices from companies with which we have accounts. Our personal information will be kept private, they assure us. more »»

Maintaining our National Park system

April 2, 2015 When Americans want to impress foreign guests, we sometimes take them to national parks. more »»

Don’t bow to demands in talks with Iran

April 1, 2015 History shows the danger of appeasement — allowing a dangerous country to build up its arsenal even while claiming it is not doing so. more »»

Sacrifice not in vain for Americans

March 31, 2015 Too often, American service men and women make great sacrifices for seemingly unappreciative people in foreign countries. more »»

Learn why policy failed in Yemen

March 30, 2015 In January, President Barack Obama referred to U.S. anti-terrorism efforts in Yemen as a “model” for avoiding massive deployments of American troops. Last week, U.S. more »»

Get railroads back on track

March 29, 2015 For many years, energy conservation campaigns have been considered very “green” —that is, good for the environment. more »»

Drugs biggest threat in West Virginia

March 28, 2015 West Virginians need to find ways to cope with a long list of serious challenges. But only one involves a fight against pure evil that it simply must win. more »»



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