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Let’s be safe out on those roadways

January 7, 2015 With the onset of the winter season’s first significant snow, motorists need reminded about being cautious on our roadways. more »»

Turn young people off to e-cigarettes

January 6, 2015 Young people have made tremendous progress when it comes to the fight against cigarette smoking. In fact, a recent anti-smoking campaign touts, “We can be the generation that ends smoking ... more »»

Need to start punishing drug pushing doctors

January 5, 2015 A tiny minority of health care professionals in West Virginia seem to be ignoring the physicians’ motto. They are doing a great deal of harm by acting, in essence, as drug pushers. more »»

Silencers OK with just a few caveats

January 3, 2015 The Ohio Senate approved a measure recently to allow silencers on guns used by hunters. The measure is backed by firearms groups as being protective of hunters’ hearing. more »»

Government spending needs to slow

January 2, 2015 Most New Year’s resolutions are broken soon after being made. Our national resolution, made several times during the past decade or so, to stop spending beyond our means is an excellent example. more »»

Charitable giving needs to continue

December 31, 2014 Christmas 2014 is now a happy memory for most of us. Once the new year begins, we will get back into our “normal” frames of mind. more »»

Attack makes need to win crystal clear

December 30, 2014 If peace-loving people throughout the world needed any more evidence Islamic terrorists must be wiped out, it came last week. more »»

Cyberwar defenses are lacking

December 29, 2014 Members of Congress are eager to provide military hardware to the Pentagon, whether the armed forces want it or not. The recently approved $1. more »»

Rein in the growth in national debt

December 27, 2014 Amid a horde of potential republican nominees for president in 2016, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush became the most-discussed recently when he revealed he is actively considering running. more »»

Enact charter school rules

December 26, 2014 Charter schools can be a helpful alternative to public education. more »»

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2014 Of all the holidays, secular and religious, people celebrate, just one is marked, if only for a short time, by something of a miraculous transformation. more »»

Curbing tobacco use in W.Va.

December 23, 2014 West Virginia is not alone in how state officials abuse class-action lawsuits. But the Mountain State ought to do the right thing regarding one settlement - and in the process, save some young live. more »»

Be educated before getting a family pet

December 21, 2014 This time of the year adorable pets are a common sight at area shopping malls and pet supply stores, as well as on social media sites. more »»

Protect the children of drug addicts

December 21, 2014 Perhaps the most heartbreaking aspect of the epidemic of drug abuse is the innocent children it victimize. more »»

War against drugs needs to continue

December 20, 2014 West Virginia often is noted for its low ranking in a variety of categories, with surveys citing a lack of development, slow economy and opportunities. more »»

Support the ‘Red Kettle’ campaign

December 19, 2014 It’s not too late to spread some holiday cheer by donating to the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign. more »»

Profiling rule politics as usual

December 18, 2014 Politicians are eager for the public to think they are doing something about whatever issue draws the largest headlines at any given moment. more »»

Why were rape kits not tested?

December 17, 2014 Hundreds of Ohio rape cases have been solved because of state Attorney General Mike DeWine’s initiative to have old evidence examined, authorities say. more »»

Review and renew safe arrest training

December 16, 2014 It is difficult to watch the video of the July 17 arrest of 43-year-old Eric Garner without being stunned and horrified. more »»

Prevent the needless deaths of children

December 15, 2014 Perhaps a new debate about gun control is needed in America. Not about real firearms — but about “toys” that sometimes cause needless deaths of children. more »»



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