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Bus routes need altered due to safety concerns

March 31, 2016 Balancing the issue of safety sometimes can be a tricky situation — thus is the case along Lisbon Street in East Liverpool, where roadway slippage has forced residents there to leave their homes. more »»

Big government still unpopular

March 30, 2016 Despite the often sincere efforts of legislators and governors to curb growth in government, state bureaucracies have a way of creeping up on taxpayers. So it appears to have been in Ohio. When Gov. more »»

Be realistic about U.S. troops in Iraq

March 29, 2016 Pentagon officials said Friday they plan to meet soon with President Barack Obama to discuss sending more U.S. troops to Iraq to fight Islamic terrorists. more »»

Address data security flaws

March 28, 2016 About four times a week, on average, hackers gain access to information in the federal website, the Government Accountability Office revealed this week. more »»

Let’s not quiet the voices of our students

March 27, 2016 It appears one area school board member would like to muzzle the students he was elected to oversee. more »»

The voters can make a difference

March 26, 2016 Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had it right earlier this month when he told visitors to Washington from the Ohio Farm Bureau that the federal bureaucracy is running amok. more »»

Officials assist resident in time of need

March 25, 2016 We’d like to extend our appreciate to Bill Cowan, the city’s Planning Director, who took to the phones to find a city resident new living arrangements, albeit temporary. more »»

Time to make stand for unity

March 24, 2016 The attacks in Belgium bring home the concept that the world has not come very far since Sept. 11, 2001. Attacks by extremists, foreign and domestic, can occur anywhere at anytime. more »»

Registration deadline nears in W. Virginia

March 23, 2016 Not only is the weather warming up, so is this political season — and Hancock County voters have less than a month to get involved. more »»

Budget delay a good thing

March 22, 2016 Many West Virginia legislators were frustrated last week when they had to leave the Capitol without approving a new state budget. But that probably was not a bad thing. more »»

Find, punish all involved in scandal

March 21, 2016 It has been two years since a whistleblower revealed military veterans were being forced by the Phoenix veterans hospital to wait months for health care they needed. Some died while they waited. more »»

Passing park levy appreciated

March 20, 2016 Results of Tuesday’s elections could best be described as a “mixed bag”— there were decisions we liked and others we did not. And we’re not even addressing the politicians. more »»

Choices for a healthy lifestyle

March 19, 2016 West Virginians are among the least healthy people in the nation, some scholarly studies conclude. more »»

Learn why Navy took SEALs’ guns

March 18, 2016 It was all a mistake, the Navy told U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.). There is no shortage of rifles for Navy SEALs. more »»

Keeping U.S. reliant on oil from abroad

March 17, 2016 There will be no drilling for oil or gas anywhere off the 2,069 miles of the U.S. Atlantic coastline, President Barack Obama has decreed. more »»

Terrorists at war with world

March 16, 2016 Residents of Ivory Coast have become the most recent victims in what amounts to a world war. On Sunday, Islamic terrorists attacked a beachfront resort in that country, killing 16 people. more »»

Ohio voters should head to the polls

March 15, 2016 Today is election day in Ohio, one with great importance in that it’s a presidential primary. more »»

Iran’s intent perfectly clear

March 14, 2016 Last Wednesday, Iran test-fired two missiles. Painted on both, in Hebrew, was the phrase, “Israel must be wiped out. more »»

N.K. nuclear missiles a threat

March 13, 2016 U.S. officials cannot say — or at least, will not — whether North Korea has managed to miniaturize nuclear weapons enough to use them as missile warheads. more »»

Do as EPA orders, not as agency does

March 12, 2016 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials ought to consider a new motto: Do as we say, not as we do. Hypocrisy, demagoguery and political games are how Washington works. more »»



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