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Don’t let a fire spoil the holiday season

December 2, 2015 Winter is the peak season for home fires, according to the National Fire Protection Agency and the U.S. Fire Administration. more »»

Students did the right thing

December 1, 2015 During a time when political correctness seems to run rampant on college campuses, at least some students remain courageous enough to use their heads. more »»

Standardize evaluations of Ohio schools

November 30, 2015 A special panel looking at how charter schools in Ohio are evaluated focused on honest, accurate reports on their achievements. more »»

Keeping juveniles out of prisons

November 29, 2015 Ohioans ought to be proud their state is a national leader in keeping juvenile offenders out of prisons. more »»

Shop locally this holiday

November 28, 2015 No matter when you shop during the Christmas holiday season, we’d encourage you to remember to shop locall. more »»

Enjoy the spirit of the holidays

November 27, 2015 There are few things in life that can inspire a magical feeling better than a Christmas parade. more »»

Be grateful on this day

November 26, 2015 In a world reeling from the renewed rise in radical Middle Eastern terror activities, the Thanksgiving Day holiday in America should be a welcome respite. more »»

Practice safety and patience

November 25, 2015 The combination of nice weather, low gas prices and the Thanksgiving holiday should be enough to tell you this: Be cautious on the roadways. more »»

Approve bill on treating animals

November 24, 2015 Obviously, first responders to emergencies such as vehicle crashes and fires should make helping human victims their top priority. more »»

Ex-foster children need assistance

November 23, 2015 About a thousand Ohioans “age out” of the state’s foster care network every year. A substantial number are not ready for that. more »»

Protecting victims from further harm

November 22, 2015 Technology has made it possible to learn where just about anyone lives — even when the inquiry is part of a plot to harm another perso. more »»

Ridding the world of terrorists

November 21, 2015 For years, concern about terrorism focused on al-Qaida. Now most westerners view the Islamic State as the primary threat. more »»

Get in touch with reality in Congress

November 20, 2015 Only a handful of people in West Virginia and Ohio would know Charles and David Koch if they met the two on the street. Few care whether the billionaire brothers do well financially or not. more »»

Will we fight or be victims?

November 19, 2015 French President Francois Hollande is absolutely correct: Civilized nations, even those with long, sometimes bitter records of rivalry, must unite if we are to destroy Islamic terroris. more »»

Anti-liberty politicians

November 19, 2015 After a terrorist attack, it’s natural to ask: What can politicians do to keep us safe? One thing they could do is actually focus on keeping us safe rather than devoting so much time, energy and ho... more »»

Helping offenders after their release

November 18, 2015 Officials and staff at the Oakview Juvenile Residential Center in Belmont County have every right to be proud of a recent evaluation by the American Correctional Associatio. more »»

Priorities against terrorists wrong

November 17, 2015 France's reaction to terrorist attacks that killed 129 people in Paris was an air strike against Islamic State positions in Raqqa, Syria. more »»

Reduce premature births

November 16, 2015 West Virginia has one of the highest percentages of children covered by health insurance in the nation. more »»

Helping addicts get off opiates

November 15, 2015 For years, a standard treatment for those addicted to heroin and other opiates was to give them methadone and Suboxone. more »»

Reform asset forfeiture laws

November 14, 2015 Few people would argue against allowing police and prosecutors to seize assets owned by criminals and either used in crime or obtained through it. more »»



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