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Turning back assault on gas

June 24, 2015 West Virginians and Ohioans already have seen what irrational liberals in Washington can do to the coal industry. more »»

Severance tax study prudent

June 23, 2015 Severance taxes on gas and oil extracted from Ohio probably will remain at current levels for the next two years. more »»

Criminal deserves time in ‘solitary’

June 22, 2015 John Donald Cody’s luck nearly ran out in 2013, when a Cuyahoga County, Ohio judge sentenced him to 28 years in prison for running a massive scam in which he claimed to be running a charity for Navy... more »»

Celebrate today with your father

June 21, 2015 Biology alone does not create a father. Fatherhood is a matter of learning by experience. more »»

Accountability, improvement isn’t happening

June 20, 2015 Federal bureaucrats’ reaction to warnings something bad will happen without preventive action sometimes seems comparable to a man standing on railroad tracks, spotting an approaching locomotive,... more »»

‘Tank law’ needs to be watched

June 19, 2015 West Virginia legislators were right this year to take another look at the so-called “tank law” enacted in early 2014. more »»

Restoring trust of the police

June 18, 2015 No matter how much training a police officer receives in the mechanics of doing his job, two other factors are critical in determining his ability to serve and protect. One is his own attitude. more »»

Allowing online voter registration

June 17, 2015 People registering to vote in Ohio have to do it the same way their great-great-grandparents did, by going in person to county election boards to sign up. more »»

Minimize the special tax breaks in Ohio

June 16, 2015 Very few people read state budget legislation. Fewer still understand the legalistic language, which sometimes seems designed to conceal how some taxpayers’ money is spent. more »»

Recommendation for cars unrealistic

June 15, 2015 National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Christopher Hart has provided new validation for Americans who think many in government have lost touch with reality. more »»

Today we celebrate ‘Flag Day’

June 14, 2015 It proudly flies in the front of schools. It is raised in front of public buildings. It is displayed from the porches and in the front yards of countless homes around the nation. more »»

Court ruling ignores reality

June 13, 2015 Most of us prepare for severe storms when we hear they are coming. more »»

Helping students with disabilities

June 12, 2015 West Virginia public schools do not always compare well with those in other states, when ranked based on one piece of data or anothe. more »»

Healthier ‘steps’ this summer

June 11, 2015 West Virginians interested in making Hancock County a winner — and improving your own health in the process — the “Summer Steps” contest may be just the thing. more »»

Marijuana plan is unacceptable

June 10, 2015 As it stands, a proposed Ohio constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana is a get-rich-quick scheme for a handful of investors — who, incredible as it may seem, want to use tax money to expand... more »»

Doing better than ‘Einstein’ is vital

June 9, 2015 Lock your front door and a determined burglar will merely climb through a window. Lock it and he may just break the glass to enter. As homeowners know, it can be very difficult to keep thieves out. more »»

Obamacare drives up insurance cost

June 8, 2015 Health insurance is going to cost a lot more for many Americans, thanks in large measure to the president who said he had everything under control. more »»

Investigate validity of Iraqi complaints

June 7, 2015 Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s attitude in demanding more help in the fight against an Islamic State terrorist army should worry U.S. more »»

Review, correct rules on spying

June 6, 2015 Intelligence agencies want unfettered authority to invade our privacy. It is in the very nature of spying organizations such as the National Security Agency. more »»

McKinley made right decision

June 5, 2015 West Virginia needs excellent leadership in state government. But the state’s future depends to an enormous extent not on what its leaders in Charleston do, but what happens in Washington, D.C. more »»



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