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Where’s the school spirit?

February 17, 2013 Dear Editor: On Monday, Feb.11, 2013, the East Liverpool 7th Grade girl’s basketball team attended the BMC for the championship at Oak Glen Jr. High. more »»

Lessons in life

January 27, 2013 Dear Editor: Thanks to those coaches who understand the importance of grooming their players to be our future leaders of this nation; of this world. more »»

Remembering Dr. Major

January 20, 2013 Dear Editor: Looking back at local newspaper articles and testimonials in the 1940s, you may agree that Weirton had a civic leader comparable to and years before Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. more »»

Keeping her memory alive

January 20, 2013 Dear Editor: The family of Lindsey Salsberry would like to thank the many people of the Tri-State area who helped make this year’s Lindsey’s Christmas such a huge success. more »»

‘Thou shalt not steal’

January 20, 2013 Dear Editor: On Saturday, Jan. 12, I went to Shadow Lawn Cemetery to remove the grapevine deer that was on my husband’s grave, along with three solar lights. more »»

A government permeated

January 13, 2013 Dear Editor: To the dismay of property owners again bearing the cost, the Monday, Jan. 7, 2013, Review front page talks about recent passed voter levies. Fine, if reason is employed in spending. more »»

Unanswered questions

January 13, 2013 Dear Editor: As a concerned tax paying citizen, knowing that 2012 left us with many unanswered questions, my thoughts and many, many other Americans feel that two major topics need to be discussed. more »»

A forgotten city street

January 13, 2013 Dear Editor: I would like to know why the city of East Liverpool seems to forget and neglect the alley which is West Church Lane, when it comes to snow removal and street repairs. more »»

Takes one to know one

January 6, 2013 Dear Editor: An inspirational quote of “Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door” continues to be distorted to “Naughty boys will get their comeuppance. more »»

City streets need maintained

January 6, 2013 Dear Editor: I am wondering why the city of East Liverpool was unable to clean the streets by Sunday this past week. more »»

Give me the 1950s

January 6, 2013 Dear Editor: It’s funny, when I was a kid growing up in the 1950s, I always wished I could live to see the year 2000. more »»

Love and prayers

December 23, 2012 Dear Editor: Love and prayers. I must have read that more than 300 times growing up. Handwriting that never changed over 40 years said the same message, “Love and Prayer. more »»

A great community

December 23, 2012 Dear Editor: On behalf of Tyler Simpson, and his entire family, we would like to thank everyone who has donated food, purchased t-shirts, and those who have sent balloons, cards, emails, Christmas... more »»

Guidelines and suggestions

December 23, 2012 Dear Editor: What can aid in the acquisition of private property by unelected governmental bodies like the Parks District, the EPA is trying to float the idea that water is a pollutant itself. more »»

Send a soldier a card

December 23, 2012 Dear Editor: It’s that time of the year again. The hustle and bustle going to-and-fro for Christmas. The bell ringers are doing a wonderful job, and that is great. more »»

Ulterior motive?

December 16, 2012 Dear Editor: The Columbiana County Park District continues the agenda (21) to stifle free market enterprise and end private property rights. more »»

Perfect home loses appeal

December 16, 2012 Dear Editor: My name is Sharon Fineman. I’m not originally from West Virginia, but my husband grew up and went to college her. more »»

Stadium purchase reasons

December 16, 2012 Dear Editor: The Hancock County Commission recently made an offer to purchase the two surplus football stadiums from the board of education. more »»

Animal abuse, neglect

December 16, 2012 Dear Editor Why is it that in our society, when abuse occurs, the first thought that comes to mind is “What did the victim do to deserve it?” In the case of rape, we ask what was the woman wearing. more »»

Voices need heard

November 18, 2012 Dear Editor: Where can we go to get our voices heard? We have been trying to get our elected officials to understand that our health is at risk — and yet — all they want to talk about is a “War on... more »»



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