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In response

December 8, 2013 Dear Editor: I write in response to the erudite letter of Dec.1, entitled “One Party Rule,” by William Eardley. more »»

Good coach, good man

December 1, 2013 Dear Editor: I had the honor of attending this year’s Potter football banquet, and I must say it was a privilege to watch these young men who have worked so hard, receive the recognition that they... more »»

One party rule

December 1, 2013 Dear Editor: Just what did it take to get Obamacare passed anyway? Americans should remember just how many rules, standards, and traditions had to be twisted or bulldozed in order for the... more »»

‘I don’t knows’

November 24, 2013 Dear Editor: Veterans all carry a heavy load of memories and fears — fears in my case of coming up on an accident scene as a first responder and having to render aid. more »»

Where’s the money spent?

November 17, 2013 Dear Editor: Thanks so much for the opinion on Nov 6, regarding the excess school levy in Hancock County. It is this kind of reporting that keeps local citizens informed of what is going around the. more »»

Thank a veteran

November 17, 2013 Dear Editor: I would like to thank all the veterans who helped and marched in the Veterans Day parade. more »»

Local police support the kids

November 17, 2013 Dear Editor: Last Friday, I called the East Liverpool Police Department to request extra drive-bys during our Sadie Hawkins Dance at East Liverpool High School. more »»

Heartfelt apology

November 17, 2013 Dear Editor: I would like to issue myself a “spanks,” and give my heartfelt apologies to the lady wearing the MIA/POW black t-shirt in the booth next to me at Hoge’. more »»

No hero worshipping

November 12, 2013 Dear Editor: President Ronald Reagan said “there are no such things as deficits.” Yes, he said this. Reagan also had no problem tripling the defense budget. more »»

Wasteful spending by district

November 12, 2013 Dear Editor: The official amount the East Liverpool City School District spent on the Patterson Field renovations sits at $1.4 million. more »»

A community hospital

November 3, 2013 Dear Editor: What upsetting news it was and is to find out that “our local community hospital” (aka, East Liverpool City Hospital) is in such dire straits and disarray that it has to resort to the... more »»

Lesson on straight facts

November 3, 2013 Dear Editor: A quote from President Reagan states his opposition had much to say about things they knew nothing about, but that isn’t true today. more »»

Support fire levy

October 27, 2013 Dear Editor: The Yellow Creek Township Board of Trustees are supporting the renewal fire levies for both Wellsville and Highlandtown volunteer fire departments. more »»


October 27, 2013 Dear Editor: I’d like to share a lesson plan by Mr. Republican Politician. Lesson No. 1: How to make government cost-cutting seem real. Here goes. more »»

Not holding her breath

October 27, 2013 Dear Editor: I would like to respond to the high and mighty Mr. “Richard Keith Wolf” for his grandiose and overly dramatic letter to the editor, “In Response,” of Oct. 20. more »»

A cruel coward

October 27, 2013 Dear Editor: Why didn’t the heartless person who shot the gray and white cat on Burrows Avenue shoot to kill instead of one shot to her chest leaving her to go off suffering and die a painful death?... more »»

Remembering a good man

October 20, 2013 Dear Editor: The Tri-State Area recently lost a man who made a difference in the area, Rev Frank Higginbotham. Frank was a “Man of God,” who “walked the walk and talked the talk. more »»

Energy independent?

October 20, 2013 Dear Editor: Maybe someone can set me straight on this. I recall the Utica and Attica gas retrieval process as being sold to the public as ultimately making us energy independent. more »»

In response

October 20, 2013 Dear Editor: I wish to take this opportunity to respond to the editorial appearing in the Friday, Sept. 27, 2013, issue of The Review. more »»

Report domestic violence

October 20, 2013 Dear Editor: Each year, since 1987, October is proclaimed National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. more »»



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