Thanks & Spanks

SPANKS, writes a reader, to whomever is responsible for failing to clear the trees and bushes along state Route 11 so drivers can see the signs along the roadway.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to the city of Chester’s street department for not using the street sweeper to clean the streets.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to those who insinuated the city boarded up a drug house, when in fact, it wasn’t a drug house, but instead was in the process of being remodeled.

The Beaver Local Leo Club sends a THANKS to Jackson’s Green House for donating 40 annual flowers. The beautiful flowers were used to help complete the club’s environmental project at the Beaver Local School Complex — a flower garden was planted around the school’s electronic marquee.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the ELO 4th Ward councilman Craig Stowers and others with him for clearing several years of accumulated brush, grass and small trees from an abandoned property at the corner of Northside and Wyoming.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to the East Liverpool police officer who easily passed my vehicle in excess of the posted 50 mph at the exact location where the traffic cam sign is posted, as motorists leave the East End toward the city. A second SPANKS for the same officer not using his turn signal as he turned right onto Market Street off the Third Street exit.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to the motorcyclist with the sidecar, who crossed his vehicle over the double yellow line around the bend on Lisbon Street hill in East Liverpool. The motorcycle safety issue goes both ways.